Corporate 1to1 Package

Corporate 1to1 Package

My 1to1 package is 3x1to1’s over 6 weeks to tackle a specific problem your member of staff is facing. 

It will use a mixture of coaching and relaxation, which we will adapt to what is needed at the time.

We’ll have three 1to1’s during the 6 weeks and two phone catch up’s in between, and unlimited text/voice access, so that we can keep in touch and keep the momentum going.  

This is for anyone who does not need the depth of the 3 month, intensive program, and instead just needs to focus on improving one specific challenge.  

I am there to support, encourage, focus and empower your member of staff to deal with their challenge, learn some techniques to handle it and make a plan of action. 

I can help with any area of life: relationships, health, work, business, family etc. 

My Background

I am extremely experienced in working with people from all levels of business.  From highly stressed team members, to those with the most responsibility at the top of the organisation.  Please see my ‘Consulting‘ page for more detailed information.



This package is £900, but there are alternative options for longer periods of support.

Next Steps

I only take on a few corporate clients at any given time, so if you feel I might be able to help, then it would be wise to contact me quickly.

Please email Lisa at and I will get back to you as soon as possible or use the ‘Contact Me’ buttons at the bottom of this page.


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