Resilience & Heart Happiness Program

An Evolution In 1to1 Coaching,

Including Journaling Tasks & Weekly Messages To Ensure REAL change!

Have You Been Knocked Down By Life?

Do you feel the Sparkle and Strength have gone?

Have Unhappy Thoughts Constantly Running Around Your Head?

Toxic Relationships That Have Hurt You?  

Are you Easily Derailed when you become upset?  

And often Overwhelmed, by taking on too much?  

Plus, now it is affecting your Health?

Do You Need To Make A Big Change In Your Life? 

You’ve heard about journalling, and it sounds good, but you aren’t sure how to use it in the time you have?  

But you love the idea of something you can learn to do yourself?

That is then available for you 24×7! 

Plus you know you need some coaching / support for a while?

This is the perfect 1to1 program for you!

Create the best possible journal set up for YOU and YOUR LIFE, that is easy & quick to maintain.  

Learn game changing insights into how the REAL Law of Attraction works, plus how healthy self-love and relationships are possible for all of us.  

Learn all the different journal techniques, like tracking and prompts with guidance & feedback.

Plus practical, Intuitive Coaching and Healing to support & guide you into this new life.

What On Earth Is ‘Heart Happy’ And

How Will It Help As My Life Falls Apart?

I can’t wave a magic wand and stop bad things happening, or stressful events.  

I can’t even make you ‘less sensitive’, because you are who you are.

  But there is ONE thing that protects you and makes you more resilient – and that is ‘Heart Happiness’.

When you are heart happy, you are no longer a magnet for abusive, toxic relationships. 

You will feel that you are WORTH something, and so will automatically do better financially and in your career or business.

If you have any health challenges, you will find they improve and your symptoms will reduce – because stress and mindset have a huge effect on our body.

And you will feel like a ‘better mum’ (not that you need to be), because when you are happier, so are your kids.  

The SIMPLE, but POWERFUL things I will teach you, means that you will be able to find the moments of grace in the dark times, and return to your power quickly & gracefully.

What Will You Learn? 

How To Switch The Sat Nav Of Your Life Back On, Take Back Control,

Stop Reacting To Life Automatically and Tune Into Your Inner Wisdom.

Intuitive Journalling

So much more than bullet journalling or diaries!

I’ll teach you how to use journalling in a couple of minutes a day to: 

  • Pace & avoid overwhelm
  • Stay focussed
  • Handle stress
  • Find Solutions
  • Create a new future 

New Law Of Attraction

The up to date ‘No Blame’, empowering LOA!

Learn how the world actually works, and stop feeling guilty for ‘attracting’ horrid things or people into your life. 

Learn to navigate the ups and downs of life more easily, and feel more powerful.

Tap Into Your Intuition

The ultimate time saver & empowerer.

We all need external support at certain times in our life, but we need less than some in the world of coaching / therapy would suggest. 

Learning to tap into your own intuition and live in flow is much more empowering & long lasting.

How Does The Program Work? 

This Is A Totally New Way Of Coaching!

Intuitive Coaching:

For an outside perspective and practical guidance forwards.

  Learn The Secrets:

To how relationships work, the ‘No Blame’ Law of Attraction, and how to be ‘Heart Happy’ whatever life throws at you.

Weekly Journal Tasks:

To anchor the coaching, learning and new habits into your psyche, so that they continue after the program has ended.

  Voice / Text Feedback:

Empowering you to master the art of Journaling and take back the reigns of your emotions.

Step 1 –

Foundation Phase

Weekly Sessions & Daily support to set up your journal, start challenging your thinking & creating new habits.

4 Weeks / Sessions 

60min Coaching & Healing 

4 Journal tasks / prompts

Daily Text/Voice Feedback on discoveries from the task

Setup Your Journal 


  •  Start with a free consultation to give background info.
  • 4 x 60min sessions – Mixture of Healing & Coaching, according to your needs. Generally over 4 weeks, but can be longer.
  • 4 Journal Prompts / tasks to get you using your journal
  • Daily text / voice messages available to give feedback on your Journal tasks
  • Aim to get your Journal All set up by the end of the sessions.
  • Can be repeated, if you need more intensive support for longer.

Step 2 –

Empowerment Phase

Monthly sessions & weekly accountability & journalling  tasks to instill new habits & make changes in your life

1 Monthly Session

60 min Coaching/Healing Session

Weekly Accountability text/voice msg

Weekly Journal tasks / prompts.

Regular Text/Voice Feedback on discoveries from the task

  • 1 x 60min 1to1 – Mixture of coaching & healing, according to your needs.
  • Weekly Accountability text / voice messages to help you stay on track with practical, simple lifestyle & habit changes. 
  • Weekly journal tasks / prompts to anchor in the results from the coaching session and help you to deepen your understanding of journalling.
    Text/voice messages to give feedback on the Journal tasks
  • The extra voice/text messages, are like having another 1to1 in the month, but spread out and more useful.
  • Expect it to be a minimum of 3 months, but sessions can continue as long as works for you

Step 3 –

Top Up/Maintenance

One off coaching / healing sessions to tackle a specific situation or challenge

One Off Top Up Session  

60 min Coaching / Healing

1 x Update pre-session text/voice msg

1 x Journal Task / Prompt

2x Voice/Text msgs for feedback on the discoveries from the task

  •  1 x 60 min 1to1 – Mixture of coaching & healing, according to your needs.
  • I update pre-session text / voice message for clarity on what is needed from the session.
  • One journal task / prompt to anchor in the results from the coaching session
  • Text/voice messages for feedback on the Journaling task
  • For Client’s who have been through steps 1 / 2. 

Would you love someone wise, intuitive, practical & trustworthy, with years of expertise, to help you regain your strength & confidence? 

I am here to help you awaken the Wisdom inside you and show you that no one can give you all the answers, but you CAN find them inside.

Why Me?

There are a lot of wonderful coaches & healers out there, so why me?  Firstly, I’d recommend that you check out my facebook page or Instagram and see if I feel like the right person for you. 

But generally, the reason you would want to work with me is because I’m both intuitive AND practical, I will coach you, but can ALSO do healing with you.  Plus I have a huge amount of both personal experience, but also qualifications & client experience over 23yrs of being a healer, coach & business owner, with a chronic health condition for the past 13yrs.  So I can help with a broad range of issues that are currently affecting your life.

My Background

I worked in IT for 13yrs and then I retrained to become a healer, Reiki master and coach in 2000.  After learning several complex therapies, I’ve returned to my roots and offer a mixture of Healing and Coaching.   

I have 2 teens, was married for 32years and am now a single mum.  I’ve also got Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease & Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, so I have a lot of experience with pacing and chronic health – I’m now nearly symptom free and consider it purely a ‘guidance system’ for my life.

I specialised in relationship & mental health coaching before I had children.  I’m now hugely passionate about changing the world, one family at a time, by supporting the mums to be happier, healthier & wealthier. 

Obviously I have been running my own business for nearly 25years, worked in Corporate for 13yrs and even owned my own bricks & mortar business for 7yrs.  So I understand the pressures of professional careers or running your own business, and how that affects family life and your health & wellbeing.

I don’t believe that there is ever ONE solution to fix everyone’s issues, so I will be flexible, holistic and balanced in my approach to our sessions, to help you find the solution that is perfect for YOU.

I will support you when times are tough, and be a safe person to brainstorm and confide in.  But ultimately my objective is to empower you to know you can trust yourself and are strong and able to handle challenges on your own (it just might be easier with me!).



Lisa is just incredible. Warm, supportive, practical & really knows her stuff. She gently interacts like a calm voice of reason amongst the chaos of life, with honesty & achievable tips to cut through the bs that can feel like life at times! I cannot tell you what a difference it makes to me, knowing that she is there with her reassuring advice with a great sense of fun & humour when it really matters.

Tammie: Thank you for keeping me on track. Still lots to do but I feel positive!

Claire: Having children is one of the most uplifting and at the same time one of the most challenging times in anyones life. In many ways I lost my sense of personal direction and sense of self. Lisa’s clear, calm and thoughtful advice made a significant difference to my ability to enjoy motherhood and face challenges without feeling quite so anxious and stressed. If you’re frazzled and you cant see the wood for the trees then Lisa’s courses or her coaching service is exactly what you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

I Don’t Have Time To Set Up A Journal And Write Loads Every Day!

Exactly!  That is the point to this program. 

I change how I journal constantly, so the system, I teach you will be mega fast to set up (and includes templates and downloads), designed specifically for what you need AND easy to fit into a few minutes a day. 

Some discipline is needed, to make it become a habit (hence the accountability and messages), but even if you don’t do it for a few days, you will catch up.  Plus when you realise that life is a LOT HARDER without it, you will run back to your journal in a second!

I Have SO MANY Journals already!

My system will work on a £3 notebook, or a £20 hardback journal or with a filofax, or my favourite is a Traveller Journal set up. 

It is so flexible, but one of the key tennants, is that ALL your journalling goes in ONE journal … thus reducing the worry about adding to your ever growing pile of notebooks.

How Long Will It Take?

This is likely to depend on how long you had the problem and how much work you have already done on the issue.  I include the guarantee below, so that if you decide you don’t like the way that I work in the first few weeks, we can agree mutually to separate after paying for the time that you have already had.  

Your best & fastest results will come from your own commitment & determination (which I will support you with), but I appreciate that changing habits can sometimes take longer & there will be no judgment for how long it takes. 

I would expect you to book a minimum of 1 Introduction package, then maybe 1-12 Empowerment months, depending on your current life situation.

I would love to wave a magic wand, but unfortunately I can not promise that – however, you will definitely make progress and your life will change – sometimes there are a lot of onion layers to that change though. 

When Are You Available?

I work in school hours, but I can be available for messages sometimes out of hours, however not between 10pm and 7am. or on Sundays. 
During the Foundation phase, I’m available every day by text/voice message (apart from Sunday).
During the Empowerment phase, you might have the odd day where you need as much support, but otherwise it would be a couple of times a week and for the accountability at the beginning and end of the week.
The Maintenance/Top Up phase is just where extra support is needed, so you would send me an update message and we might follow up in a text / voice message, once or twice after the session.

What Kind Of Coaching Do You Do?

My coaching training included several different in-depth therapies, especially focussing on human behaviour and healing from past traumas & abuse.  My style is trauma aware, you will not be re-traumatised by being blamed for situations you have experienced.  I will use a combination of practical steps and intuitive guidance, plus I can help you to put a basic common sense physical health plan into place.  The biggest influence on my coaching was my training as a Senior Demartini Method Facilitator and the teachings of Matt Kahn on the power of Love and Gratitude.

What Kind Of Healing Do You Do?

I was trained as a Reiki Master in 2000, and in several Kinesiology based therapies, but also combine Celtic shamanic techniques.  None of them are disrespectful to any religions, but if you would prefer I tweak my healing for you, I’m perfectly happy to do so.  My healing can be done quickly across a distance or in person.

Does This Replace Counselling?

No, I am not a therapist / counsellor / psychiatrist / nutritional therapist / personal trainer but my programs work well with those therapies, and can give you more consistent support in between your other sessions, and help you to apply them practically to your life moving forwards.  Always check with a medical professional if you are receiving treatment.



I'm well aware that you may have invested before & been disappointed with what you received, so you might be nervous to buy something.

Of course, I'm not taking away the your responsibility to be proactive and follow the material in my programs.  But I don't believe that you, should be the one who has to take the risk in purchasing my books, programs or 1to1's.  My intention is that you receive what you were hoping to receive and more! 

So there is a 7 Day money back guarantee on all of my programs and services.

How To Contact Me

Send me a message via my Instagram Page or email from here, and we can have a quick chat about your current situation and wether I’m the most suitable coach for you, or wether there is someone else I would recommend.

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What Is The Potential Cost To Your Family, Health & Relationships

If You Don’t Get Help?

Step 1 –

Foundation Phase

Step 2 –

Empowerment Phase

Step 3 –

Top Up/Maintenance

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