Be Healthy Program

Would you love a Complete, Holistic Solution to feeling Healthier, Fitter & Slimmer For Life?  

Like Having your own Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Mindset coach all in one place?



Want to lose weight?


In a holistic and rounded way, rather than a short term diet?


That gets you healthier, fitter and toned as well?


And is adaptable to your life and what you enjoy?


Helping you to feel motivated and inspired?


Keeping you focussed, accountable and supported?


Clearing all the past blocks that get in the way?


Giving you more energy and vitality to enjoy your life and family?


But most of all, make a change for life?

Wether you just need to feel more comfortable, or lose that illusive ‘baby weight‘ which is still there 6yrs later, or you are very overweight, or have a health complication that is making it tougher, my program will help.  

Built over 30yrs of personal experience and study, I’ve helped many clients 1to1.  Now I am making this information more accessible and so that I can help thousands of mums feel happy in their own skin.

6 Month Online Group Program

Get Healthier, Fitter & Slimmer
For Life!

With “Mummy Whisperer”

Can be extended for longer health & fitness journey’s at a much reduced rate.

A brief summary of the program:


3 levels to choose from, so that you can choose the perfect amount of support for you.


Covers everything you need to know – mindset, emotional blocks, nutrition, hydration and exercise.


Monthly goal setting – so you are clear on what you are aiming for.


Weekly accountability to keep you on track!


Weekly quick mindset and health tips to keep you engaged.


Weekly feedback to help adjust/improve your tactics.


Weekly Q&A facebook lives, where you can receive coaching and guidance.


Monthly specialist webinars or extra reviews, exercises or recipes.


Supportive facebook community to celebrate your wins and boost you when you are down.

More indepth info: 


Course content is divided into modules with videos, downloads to read and exercises for each section of the course that you can conveniently watch/read on the school run or in the comfort of your own home.


All material kept short, so it’s easy to fit into the gaps in your life.


Includes mindset exercises to keep you motivated and make the journey easy


And heart and vibe exercises to inspire you and enable you to tune into what suits you.


Plus QUICK one minute wonder exercises for busy days


With rounded information on health and fitness and weight, so that you can build the best lifestyle program for you.


Weekly coaching in the Q&A’s to help you build your perfect program, so that you can create the perfect solution for YOU. 


Keeps you focussed with the weekly accountability, mindset and journalling exercises.

My aim is to help you to feel fabulous and have all the energy you need to enjoy your life and family!

What’s involved in the 3 Levels:

Deluxe Membership
: Daily contact in a private group, with text & voice messaging.  If you REALLY want to ensure that you achieve your goals, never get distracted and have constant support, then this option is for you.
Starts with a 1to1 Lifestyle coaching session (can be done via the internet), to clarify your challenges and make a plan of action. 
Then daily access using the amazing new app ‘Voxer’, you will be able to easily send and receive voice or text messages (no more limits on the length of a voice message, or having to go to voicemail or wait for the message to finish before you listen – it’s like a walkie talkie, but you can also listen to the messages later if you miss them).  
This is for you, if you’d like 1to1 help, but don’t have time for 1to1’s every week!
Plus you get everything else as well!

6 Months Group Membership: Some focus on the course material and love to be mainly independent doing the exercises quietly at home.  Others focus more on the group support and accountability.  The most successful do both!  Whatever your flavour, this membership level has everything you need.

Maintenance Membership: For long term goals.  You may decide that being in the energy of this group helps you to stay consistent in all areas of life, or that you have a longer health & fitness goal.  In which case, you can remain in the group for as long as you like (extended in 3 month chunks).  You still have access to all the material, group support and weekly accountability and support.

I’m very passionate about us mums enjoying our lives to the fullest, and being able to make the most of our time with our kids.

I understand what it’s like to struggle with this, and how difficult it can be as a mum with our time and resource limitations.

When I first learned these secrets I went from a size 18 with PCOS to a size 10, and then applied it to the many different changing circumstances and challenges as a Mum.  I love sharing everything I’ve learn’t with you, so that your journey can be so much easier and more fun than mine!

I’m really excited to run this program – I love hearing your stories of your improved health and weight loss and how it transforms your life!

Deluxe Membership:
£225 per month.

But until the end of May 2019 I’m offering it at £120 per month – only 10 spaces available!

That’s daily access to me AND a 1to1 session to start your journey, for less than a monthly session with me!

Group membership:
£125 per month.

But until the end of May 2019 I’m offering it at £65 per month!

That is only £15 per week for consistent support, accountability, and advice on exercise, mindset and nutrition!


Maintenance membership: £55 per month.

 Available in 3 month chunks, to members who have finished their 6 months!   

Will be available at £39 per month for the May joiners – only £9 per week!


  • It is possible to increase to the Deluxe Membership level (if there is space) from the 6month membership, but it must be for a minimum of 3 months.
  • It is not possible to move in and out of the Deluxe membership level on a monthly basis
  • Once you have left the ‘Maintenance membership’, you can’t return as a maintenance member.
  • This isn’t just about losing weight, so you can join in if you are just looking to feel healthier too.

  • This is not a ‘quick fix’ or ‘fad’ solution.

  • There will be no judgement on how you became unhealthy, unfit and potentially over weight

  • Also no judgment on methods you lose to improve the situation, as we understand that there is no one solution for everyone.  We don’t push one particular diet, in fact the focus is mainly on healthy eating – but there is advice on which one to choose and reviews to help you if you need.

  • And no judgment on your targets, as some might with to become a marathon winner and others just to feel more comfortable in their own skin