How To Create A Successful Business

In 3-5 hrs per day


This Masterclass will show you how to structure your business to:

* Attract More Clients *

* Work Less Hours *  

* Earn More Money * 


And Create True Success Without Sacrificing Your Health Or Family Life

Are You Working Crazy Hours,

But Not Getting The Results You Would Love?  

Not Sure What Is Wrong?  


Just Starting Out And Want To Start Right? 

 Then This Interactive MasterClass Is For You!  

  • Go Through Your Business From Top To Toe
  • Get Clear On The Gaps  
  • Highlight Weaknesses Or Possible Threats  
  • Make Sure You Are Being Realistic
  • Leave Plenty Of Time For Your Own Health & Wellbeing and being with the family

 Create A Clear Plan  

Using The Tried And Tested Success Checklist  

Be Sure What You’ve Got To Do, To Create A Successful Business

    Truth Bomb:

    For A Long Lasting, Secure Business, You Can’t Cut Corners

    This is BUSINESS, so it’s time to step up and own all areas of your business, to make sure they are not holding you back or planning your downfall!

    The 8 Key Areas To Ensure You’ve Created A Solid Business

    1) Mission & Vision

    This is a reality check – What are you aiming for and what is your strategy, not just in your business?  
    My priority is happiness & health first – I will show you how to fit your business in the gaps in your life, manage your money AND take care of yourself.

    2) Self Care

    How to fit in taking care of ourselves, as well as a family and running a business is a key problem.  So often forgotten, but otherwise everything disintegrates.
    We will look at how to make easily fit refuelling your battery it into your busy life, to attract more success & clients.

    3) Business Strategy

    Is your business streamlined, so that it can fit into your busy life, what is your SWOT analysis, do you have a financial plan in place, have you checked there is demand.
    All of this will enable you to create a business of your dreams.

    4) Marketing

    A gap in your marketing strategy will cause big delays later on.  Check your marketing strategy is complete – are you sure about your USP, what your content pillars will be, social proof and attraction marketing?

    5) Ideal Client

    Have you done all your ideal client research, so that writing your sales posts is quick – do you have clarity on their pains, objections etc?
    I can pretty much bet that unless you are fully booked already, your ideal client needs a tweak!

    6) Market Research

    The 4 key areas of your market research that are really important to ensure you don’t wobble when you see the competition and are selling yourself well.
    This will save you loads of time and bash that imposter syndrome out of the water!

    7) Social Media Shizzle

    Get your social media shizzle sorted with the most complete checklist ever created – never miss an opportunity again from organic easy marketing.

    8) Spending Plans

    The point to running a business is to make a PROFIT that we can then use for our family.  It is so difficult to know when to invest and when NOT to invest.  This checklist will give you clear guidance on how to cut back on your costs and make more money.

    * BONUS Daily Action List! *

    Reduce your daily activities to the JUST 3 (including working with clients)

    Whilst still getting all the success you deserve.

    Once you have worked your way through the checklist, you will have the ‘Daily Action’ planner. 

    This is the shortest to do list you have EVER seen! 

    • 3 Daily tasks (including serving your clients)
    • 3 Weekly tasks
    • 1 monthly task

    Streamline your marketing, sales & personal development into literally just 30mins a day.

    Leaving you to make more money or spend more time with the kids or do more to look after your health.

    This is the secret to creating a business that WORKS and fits into your life

    Are You Ready To Successify Your Business?  

    Only £29

    (or free with the Business Club)

    Hi, I'm Lisa Pearson ....

    A Mum  

    22yrs as a Healer & coach

    Business Owner

     Techie geek  

     With strong 'Mumtuition' - our super power of gut instinct.  

    My Background

    I was born with business in my blood - belonging to a family with a small business, I grew up with it. 

    With over 30yrs in business - corporate, owning a bricks & mortar business and self employed - I have had loads of successes AND made every mistake in the book!

    I now run a business that I love, whilst juggling 2 young children, Fibromyalgia & Lyme Disease.   

    But most importantly, I have committed to making sure that my business fits into my life perfectly - which for me is just 3hrs a day.

    I'm here to share everything I've learnt with you, so that you can have happiness & success more quickly, without the stress & tears!

    My mission is to help 5000 Mums earn £5000pm, whilst still having happy full lives and a great work-life balance!

    I help mums with coaching/healing businesses, create streamlined, low cost businesses that earn what they would love AND leave plenty of time for fun with the family. 

    I believe very strongly that our businesses should fit into the gaps in our lives, not the other way around, and that a truly successful business mum, is one who is happy and healthy as well as having a successful business.

    I also help stressed, overwhelmed mums to grow confident & strong with my books, podcast & 1to1s. 

    I'm a business 'all rounder' - I understand strategy, marketing, sales, money management, social media and the tech behind it, and I've always had an innate ability to share the complicated in a simple way.  This is my super power, I'm looking forward to helping you bring yours to light!

    What Other Business Owner Mums Have Said …


    This month I worked less and earned more – result! ❤️


    Lisa’s business advice is truly great given in a no nonsense way based on a huge amount of experience. I love working with her and find I get so much ideas and inspiration. I’d recommend anyone who needs a business boost to check her out. 😊❤️


    I highly recommend to anyone to jump into this … as a way to give a kick start of feeling a bit stuck. Lisa … is a straight shooter which I love.


    It is very valuable to have access to her hard won wisdom which she shares generously.


    I certainly discovered some important truths about what I want and don’t want from having a business and feel in a stronger position than at the beginning of the process. 


    I am really enjoying all the info. What it has high lighted to me is that in order to get my business out there I must make time to do what you are sharing, I didn’t realise just how low down I had put myself and my goals, by letting life (mummy/house life) consume my time. 


    I feel empowered and confident to take huge steps forward now and I am proud of the business I am creating!

    Are You Ready To Successify Your Business?  

    Only £29

    (or free with the Business Club)

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