Be Wealthy

Do you love the Law of Attraction, but you haven’t quite managed to make it work financially for you?


Are you still struggling with your beliefs about money – is it good, is it bad?


Or feeling that you don’t deserve to be wealthy?


Is money a worry for you?


Are you ready to commit to making a change and taking responsibility for your finances?


Maybe at the moment you are in desperate states, or maybe you are just in debt. Perhaps you have resolved your debts but now is the time to work on having more money left at the end of the month? Or are you ready to be financially independent?

Be Wealthy Course

Duration – 6 Weeks
Available from – December 2018

With “Mummy Whisperer”

Wealth is all about balance and enjoyment of life – true wealth comes with health, great relationships and a fulfilled life. It doesn’t come at someone else’s expense. Wealth is an energy that exudes out of you that you can share with the world wether it is supporting other businesses or philanthropic organisations.

This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. It is a course that you can go through over and over, every time you decide to raise your financial health to the next level.

This course is for those who are very confident with the Law Of attraction but need some help with applying it to their financial situation (If you would like a deeper look at the Law of Attraction, please see my ‘Happier mums use the Law of attraction’ 6 week online course).


Each week there will be a video and some exercises to do.
These exercises are really important to help you apply the information and make a change.
There will also be meditations to help shift your blocks and move you up to the next level.

Week 1

Week 1: Assess your Financial Situation and make a plan

Week 2

Week 2: Tackling your thoughts about money

Week 3

Week 3: Calming your emotions around money and raising your vibe

Week 4

Week 4: Taking action to manage your money and attract more

Week 5

Week 5: Clearing blocks on deserving money

Week 6

Week 6: Clearing blocks and Getting out of your own way


One payment

Value – £147
Price – £29.99

Available from – December 2018