Be Wealthy

Do you have a business or passion that you love, but don’t seem to be able to make it financially viable?


Do you love the Law of Attraction, but you haven’t managed to make it work financially for you?


Are you still struggling with your beliefs about money – is it good, is it bad?


Or feeling that you don’t deserve to be wealthy?


Is money a worry for you?


Are you ready to commit to making a change and taking responsibility for your finances?


Perhaps you have resolved your debts but now is the time to work on having more money left at the end of the month? Or are you ready to become abundant and financially independent?

Wealth is all about balance and enjoyment of life – true wealth comes with health, great relationships and a fulfilled life. It doesn’t come at someone else’s expense.

Wealth is an energy that exudes out of you that you can share with the world wether it is supporting other businesses or philanthropic organisations.

Be Wealthy Course

Duration – 6 Months
Available from – March 2019

‘Happier mums use the Law of Attraction’ and
‘Be Your Own Best Friend’ and
‘Change Your Money Story’ online courses

This program is for those who are open to improving their financial situation and committed to changing it.


The program includes the ‘Happier Mums Use The Law Of Attraction’ course, to ensure your understanding of the LOA and ‘Be Your Own Best Friend’ as a lack of self-love is a huge block to wealth.

Each month we then apply the LOA theories to wealth and add extra tips especially for wealth creation and running your own business.

Each month there will be videos and integration exercises to do.
These exercises are really important to help you apply the information and make a change.
There will also be meditations to help shift your blocks and move you up to the next level.

Month 1

Assess your Financial Situation and make a plan.
How to deal with debt.
The importance of savings.
What is the best way to create a successful financial goal?
How is your financial world affected by other areas of your life?

Month 2

Tackling your thoughts about money.
How do thoughts affect what money you are earning and what thoughts would be more beneficial to you?
What beliefs do you have about money, business and success that need to be cleared?
Who do you look up to and therefore underestimate yourself when it comes to your success?

Month 3

Calming your emotions around money and raising your vibe.
How can your vibe effect how much you earn?
How gratitude will help you attract more money into your life.
Aligning your heart, mind & soul to your success.

Month 4

Taking action to manage your money and attract more.
Prioritising your actions.
Taking the intuitive action that helps you reach your goal more quickly.
How to do less and be more successful.

Month 5

Clearing blocks on deserving money.
How different mindsets affect our ability to earn money.
What stage are you at in your LOA journey?
3 Different types of money earning focus.

Month 6

Clearing blocks and Getting out of your own way
How taking responsibility can be empowering.
Making a choice.
Clearing your resistance to success.
The importance of self love.

What is Included?


Safe and supportive facebook group (Value priceless!)


The Happier Mums course to teach you the Law of Attraction (Value £297)


The ‘Be Your Own Best Friend’ course (Value £197)


The ‘Change Your Life’ bonus course (Value £246)


Monthly group coaching calls to go through the weeks from the ‘Happier Mums‘ course and make sure that everyone is applying it and doing the exercises and meditations – it’s surprising how important it is to make sure that we really ‘get’ each step of the LOA. (Value £1440)


Weekly accountability post and end of week feedback posts – to keep you focussed on your goal and enable the group to help. (Value £1320)


‘Get It Done’ Days within the group to help you clear down long standing or large to do lists. (Value £240)


Two 1to1 Breakthrough calls – One 1to1 at the beginning of the 6 months to ensure your goal is going in the right direction for you and another at the end to clear any remaining questions and give clarity on your next moves (Value £280)


Most importantly: Community support – this is where the magic happens! (Value priceless!)

Total Value: £4020 
One no brainer price of £3000 divided over the 6 months


Now due to the importance of the group vibe, there are a couple of pre-requisites to becoming a member of the group:


Attend ‘The Happier mums‘ and ‘Be Your Own Best Friend’ courses, so that we are all on the same page and level of understanding of the Law of Attraction (included in the price)


Pick an area of life to focus on for 6 months


Commitment to attending the monthly calls (book them in your diary straight away) and doing the work.


Interact in the facebook group on good and bad weeks – your involvement is important


Prepare for the calls – a ‘check in’ is much more effective if you have thought through your current situation, what you’ve achieved, what you would love to achieve and your current issues.


Complete confidentiality of anything discussed in the group.


Monthly payments

Available from – March 2019

(Discounts are available for clients who have already bought other courses).