The Business Club FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long?

Progress At Your Own Speed  – 

Attend every clinic, take part in every activity, work through a workbook every week.


Take your time, one area of your business at a time & handle family dramas as you go.


Likely Membership Time

If I would suggest a minimum of 3 months to have gone through your business from top to toe.  

But then you will be tweaking and there is still the techie tips, social media updates, community, collaboration, support and accountability.  

It depends on how much change is needed, and whereabouts you are in your business journey.

So on average it will be 12 months and many will then choose to remain afterwards, due to the flexibility in the membership levels.

Can I Switch Levels?

Absolutely –

Jump in at higher levels & then drop down when you are just maintaining your business. 


Start at the lower level, take your time & move up when you & your business are ready.


Silver vs Gold

I will certainly help you to prepare and make a plan for moving your business on to the Gold level, & there is training included on what you will need to do as you expand your business.

But questions about those areas of business & how to implement them, will not be covered in the Silver clinic.

This is partially as it can be very overwhelming for other Silver members.  

But also because they are much more time consuming in terms of answers & business knowledge. 

What is NOT Included?

  • Strategies that are more suited to higher monthly targets (I can certainly help you get there when you are ready though).
  • Encouragement to add costs or spend money on your business that will add stress
  • Daily activities that you do not have time for
  • Encouragement to waste loads of money on Facebook Adverts

Any Remaining Questions?

Any Remaining Questions / worries?

Would you like to jump on a 15 minute call to check this is the right time and place for you?

Just pop me a message, and let’s have a chat!

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Club Door Opening Times  


Silver Membership
available constantly.

Gold Membership
Depends on availability

Diamond Membership
Limited numbers


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