The Business Club Membership Levels

Structured in 3 levels, to support you as your business grows! 

Silver  *  Gold Diamond

Silver Membership 
Target Income 2kpm


This program is specifically designed to give Mums the proven marketing basics to get more 1to1 clients and make more money.

We'll show you how to price and package your services, enrol clients and generate consistent leads through social media.

You'll leave behind overwhelm, see greater results and feel more successful in your business.

  • Weekly 1hr Q&A Business Clinic for your burning questions, trouble shooting & massive clarity.
  • Weekly Accountability to lovingly & firmly keep you focussed & accountable.
  • The Best Business Tech & Tips to grow your business.
  • Private Facebook Community, to share wins, get feedback, ask for resources, and foster deep friendships.
  • Voxer Group For Emotional support for deep learning, mindset shifts, best practices & transformation.
  • Complete Business Builder Success system worth £357


Bonus – my clients have doubled!

When I have found myself stuck I have used the Business Clinic to brainstorm a problem to help find a solution



Gold Membership
Target Income 5kpm


For Mums who want to grow their business and multiply their income, by moving away from 1to1's into group programs or higher priced packages, and need some serious systems & leverage.

Tips to scale your business through memberships, masterclasses, masterminds, VIP days, high ticket offers & launches.

This program helps you end the overwhelm that comes from having a lot of clients, but not enough time.


  • Everything in the Silver level
  • Extra Weekly 2hr Q&A Clinic
  • In-depth Social Media Post reviews
  • Voxer Group for Emotional Support
  • Quarterly recorded website / social media review
  • Business Leadership Workbooks
  • Option to promote yourself in the Mumma Cafe Community, as part of the 'Mummy Whisperer Team'

I’ve hosted my first 3 day event and launched my first group program.  Your support, insight and guidance was very much instrumental to its success which saw 21 ladies join and me create more than £16K.


Akashic healer & soul alchemist

Diamond Membership
Target Income 5-15kpm


This is for successful mum entrepreneurs ready to play a much bigger game. 

Maybe you have a big launch on the way, some life challenges, or are taking the leap to the next level.  This program will give you the support you need.

I'll help you spot hidden opportunities, identify and prepare for unforeseen challenges, as you expand your outreach and impact.


  • Everything in the Gold Level
  • Weekly 45min 1to1's
  • Monthly recorded website / social media review
  • Personal accountability
  • Daily voice / text access
  • Distance healing whenever needed
  • Diamond Voxer Group for Emotional Support

You are amazing Lisa, the value you give & what you have done for me, my business, my family, my little world - Absolutely Life changing.
I'm talking about sh*t I would never have thought I would have talked about. The hard work, the commitment & the effort, that's put in, is a mutual thing - I put in a huge amount of effort to make my business work, but if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be putting that effort in the right direction, with the right focus. I haven't regretted signing up for Diamond for a second, because it's been epic, amazing, truly. I cant thank you enough - I really can't.

Jo Picken

EFT Practitioner specialising in children

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Any Remaining Questions / worries?

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Silver Membership
available constantly.

Gold Membership
Depends on availability

Diamond Membership
Limited numbers 


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