The Business Academy Testimonials

(Previously called the Business Club)

Just A Few Of My Club Member’s Journeys Over The Time …

Jo – EFT Practitioner For Children & Families & EFT Business Academy 


<In the first> three months it 100% improved my business! Soooo recommend working with her.  I ran a successful EFT practitioner course, which I loved and have a clear strategy on how to manage my courses as well as private clients.  Gained new clients and a longterm mentoring client.  Tippled my income – boom!


I was able to reawaken my Tiktok account, added 2.5K followers, had a viral post hit nearly 1/2 million and am now getting consistent high levels of views.


I felt empowered and confident to take huge steps forward now and I am proud of the business I am creating. Thank you Lisa for your never ending support and nurture!


Totally worth it. If you are even considering then grab that spot. I did a month ago and cannot believe how far I’ve come in a month. Thank you Lisa

<It> has the right foundations and structures. That is why I’ve been able to achieve so much. Your unwavering support has made that happen 😚
Your review of my website in the first week was so incredibly valuable, I feel like I’ve made huge amounts of progress incredibly quickly.

The amount of support you provide in this group is crazy!

Jo – A Few Months Later 


Jo Joined The Diamond Level For a Short Time To Provide Extra Support During A Challenging Time.

You are amazing Lisa, the value you give & what you have done for me, my business, my family, my little world – Absolutely Life changing!

I’m talking about sh*t I would never have thought I would have talked about.

The hard work, the commitment & the effort, that’s put in, is a mutual thing – I put in a huge amount of effort to make my business work, but if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be putting that effort in the right direction, with the right focus.

I haven’t regretted signing up for Diamond for a second, because it’s been epic, amazing, truly.

I cant thank you enough – I really can’t.

Jo Picken – Diamond Member

Marina – Akashic Healer


I’ve earnt more in my first month than ever before!


I’ve been able to hand in my notice for my part-time job!


I’ve hosted my first 3 day event and launched my first group program.  Your support, insight and guidance was very much instrumental to its success which saw 21 ladies join and me create more than £16K.


I love the personal attention you give and the intuitive (yet done to Earth) guidance is always spot on.  The Business Club is a resource that can safely rely on to get what you need, consider things that you haven’t and have the accountability too. Thank you.

Shelley – Counsellor


Bonus – my clients have doubled!


My weakness is social media, having all Lisa’s clear, tried and tested instructions, plus the other members either cheering me on or being brave themselves, putting themselves out, there has given me the confidence to share my page with all my Facebook friends


It is has helped me find my main goal and keep weekly focus in order to staying on track with that goal.  When I have found myself stuck I have used the Business Clinic to brainstorm a problem to help find a solution. 


Being self employed, I felt lonely at times and now I don’t.  The simple solutions to getting my business in line with my life has really helped me get clear on when I am available to work, instead of feeling desperate, I feel empowered to say the times work for me.  


I am finding the club really helpful, it help has me know where to start as I am transitioning from one business to another. 

Emma – Beauty Therapist & Healer

Debbie – Art Therapist



Anon – I loved your business clinics making suggestions as to how we inform about the business. I did a video for my page which got me one client straight away. I love your meditations too. Thanks so much 😍


(Re Facebook Tips)
Amazing tips !!! Thank you ‼️‼️‼️💞🤩👏
Great tips thank you, just made some amends to my personal profile. XX
Thank you for sharing these Lisa! 🌟
Can wait to get on this 🙌🏼🙌🏼😘


(Re Journalling Tips) Thank you for this!! It’s amazing, I don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner! Definitely something I shall keep doing x


(Re Meditations)
Your voice is so calming Lisa
Thank you Lisa, that was lovely!💕

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