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For Coach & Healer Mums

Are You A Coach / Healer or Creative Business Owner, ready to attract your perfect clients, grow your income and make a bigger impact?

Wether you are a new holistic business owner, or running an established business, the Mummy Whisperer’s business club will nourish your soul and light your path to professional success.  

Become A Mummy Whisperer Business Club Member

Choose the option that is best for you!

Silver Level
– £99pm

Build your business:
(Target 2kpm)

  • Boost Your Income 
  • Get more 1to1 clients
  • Create 1to1 Packages
  • Organic Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Free Facebook Groups


Gold Level
– £249pm

Expand your business:
(Target 5kpm)

  • Launches
  • Membership Programs
  • Masterclasses
  • Online Courses / Programs
  • Indepth Sales post/page reviews
  • High End Coaching Offers


Diamond Level
– £499pm

1to1 intensive support:
(Target 5kpm+)

  • Unleash your personal power
  • Align with your purpose
  • Build your tribe
  • Write your book
  • Learn to live in the flow
  • Handle challenging life events

Are you ready to discover the practical next steps for greater success and fulfilment in your business?

Hello Lovely,

Are you a coach / healer, who loves your business, but it feels like a nightmare?

Instead of the dream of earning money helping others, it is sucking your soul dry?  You give too much.  You charge too little.  Your children are eating baked beans for dinner again because you have more work to do.  You have so many ideas running through your head, it’s hard to focus.  You juggle between client calls, social media marketing, and helping the kids with their homework.  Instead of focussing on the things you KNOW earn you money, the creative in you is running down a shiny path with a million ideas to heal the world. 

Does this sound like you? 

Do you know that you are special and immensely important to our world?  You are a sparkly shining star who is meant to share your heartfelt work with clients who are thrilled to pay you for the life-changing gifts you offer?

I’m here for you! 

I’m Lisa Pearson, Intuitive Business Coach & Mentor


Have you felt a gentle nudge that it’s time to step up with your gifts?  If so, you are not alone.  More than ever the world needs more creative healers & coaches with the courage and strength to step up and live their purpose. 

If you are reading this, then the chances are you’re a smart, intuitive mum with a ton of great ideas.  But getting them off the ground is not your problem. 

You can’t focus on the best course of action to take.  You have so many inspired, creative ideas, it’s hard to stay focussed.  You want to follow your intuition, but you also need to be strategic to grow your business. 

I understand where you are coming from. 

I’ve been an intuitive entrepreneur for nearly 3 decades.  One of my greatest passions is helping holistic Mums step into their callings – to do the work that is purposeful, meaningful and fun! 

I’m a business mum who has worked in corporate, owned a bricks & mortar business and been a coach and healer for over 22yrs. 

I’m also a highly intuitive mentor, who is not only caring and compassionate but also very strategic and results oriented. 

I want every sweet hearted soul to grow their business and have a life of grace and ease!  That’s why I invite you to the Mummy Whisperer’s Business Club.  It is the most powerful mastermind of Mum entrepreneurs of it’s kind.

I’ve spent countless hours and tens of thousands of pounds learning every aspect of marketing and growing a business. I’ve identified the fastest, most effective ways to share your heartfelt message and ideas to reach thousands of people around the world. 

Now I love sharing my proven process with other business owners who are struggling with the same issues I had as a mum and intuitive business owner. 

My mission is to help 5000 Mums earn 5000pm, whilst still having happy full lives and a great work-life balance! 

I want to kindly push you past your comfort zone to pursue your dreams in a very practical and powerful way, 

Want to gain access to my library that’s filled with masterclasses, courses, resources, templates and blueprints?  These premium resources will empower you to do your best in not only your business, but also your life. 

Now is your time!

Have you felt a gentle nudge in your heart to step up in a bigger way?

I believe that now is a wake-up call for creative souls to take action.  As a coach or healer, you have some beautiful gifts to share.  Now is the time to make a difference with your unique gifts.

You are meant to ….


Share your voice and message with the world


Attract clients you would love to work with


Serve and uplift as many others as possible


Feel fulfilled and happy in the work you do


Have the freedom of a business that supports your life


Serve and make a big impact with your gifts


Create financial abundance with ease and joy

Do these resonate with you?

As a service oriented healer / coach, do you struggle sometimes?

You are smart, motivated, have a lot to offer your clients and love what you do.  It’s time you make more money.  Your biggest need right now is getting a lot more clients consistently, so this is the time to work on your marketing materials and message.  You want to ramp up your business, and that means reaching more of the right people and attracting more clients.  You are super passionate about your business; in fact you know it’s your calling.


You may be a life coach, creative or healer


You’re constantly battling emotional fatigue


Your over-giving is a recipe for burn out


You are a giver and struggle to put yourself first


You are exhausted trying to manage your business and still have time for family


You feel stressed out and overwhelmed


You juggle so many ideas that it’s hard to stay focussed.


Your beliefs about money and abundance are keeping you broke


You are holding yourself back because of self doubt, stress and anxiety


You want to empower yourself to take steps forward powerfully

It’s time to activate next level purpose and power!

Is The Mummy Whisperer’s Business Club Right For You?

The Mummy Whisperer’s business club gives you the tools, knowledge and intuitive alignment you need to make a bigger impact while creating £5000 or more a month with your holistic business. 

It provides a safe space to awaken more of your gifts and the practical steps to grow your business. 

I provide a variety of powerful marketing, and business support for creatives, healers and coaches. 

They are designed to help you unlock, own and shine your light, so you start attracting more of your ideal clients.

Our Members Love Their Results

Look how the Mummy Whisperer’s Business Club has changed our member’s lives and businesses ..


I’ve earnt more in my first month than ever before!


I’ve hosted my first 3 day event and launched my first group program. 


The three months has 100% improved my business! I gained new clients and a longterm mentoring client.  Tippled my income – boom!


I added 2.5K followers, had a viral post hit nearly 1/2 million and am now getting consistent high levels of views.

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Ready To Take The Leap?

We all understand what it’s like to be a mum and to try to juggle all the responsibilities in our lives …. ON TOP of trying to run and online business. 

Let us show you what it takes to get rid of the chaos in your life and start earning a good living from your business!

You’re never on your own.  And the moment you join, you become part of a supportive community of women who share your values and will help you stay on track. 

You are magnificent; you just don’t know it …. yet. 

This program will make you into the sparkling Mum entrepreneurs you are meant to be, which is just what your family and the world needs. 

YES, I’m Ready To Join The Mummy Whisperer’s Business Club.

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If you decide the Business Club isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription within 30 days of purchase to receive a full refund. 

The memberships do not have a minimum time period either, so you can leave at any point, if you need to. 

Click to read the full cancellation policy. <click here>

Are you ready to nourish yourself and become the brave, healer and business owner you hear to be?  Join the Mummy Whisperer’s Business Club today!

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