The Business Academy For Mums

Everything You Need To Design, Build & Run Your Business In ONE Place.

And Still Have Time To Support & Enjoy The Family!

* Stay Focussed *

* Work 3-5hrs pd *

* Attract More Clients *

* From ‘Flow’ Not ‘Push’ *

* Create Strong Foundations *

The Business Academy has Everything you need to build & run a business all in ONE place – so you can save time and avoid overwhelm.

It will help you to build your business RIGHT, so that you are consistently attracting new clients, and working in flow.

With the support you will need to save you time and money

You CAN have it all – a Business that fits into the gaps in YOUR life, provides for your family and gives you plenty of time to support your kids.

Plus have enough energy left over to have fun with them too! 


Become A Business Academy Member

An affordable option, that enables you to LEARN BUSINESS and grow at your own speed

Would you love to attract more clients, & create a business that is easy to run?


  • Attract 1to1 clients
  • Clarify Your Niche
  • Make A Profit
  • Stay Focussed & On Track
  • Learn Social Media & Organic Marketing  
  • Build Systems & Automation
  • Add a Free Facebook Community
  • Add Online Programs, Memberships, Masterclasses & Launches
  • Build strong foundations & habits
  • No longer feel alone on your journey as a business woman!

Knowledge + Focus + Support 

To help you become a successful business owner!


Only £99pm – Limited Nos 

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Running Your Own Business Is Not Easy

It IS fulfilling, flexible and can be profitable.

But there is a lot to learn about business & it is a challenging journey of personal development.

Hello Lovely,

Are you running a service orientated business, which was your dream, but is beginning to feel like a nightmare?

Instead of the dream of earning money helping others, it is sucking your soul dry? 

You are losing confidence in yourself, because client’s are not showing up, and you can see others who seem so much more successful than you.

You feel worried, overwhelmed and burnt out? 

You are running from program to program, to find a secret strategy that will work for you, feeling more and more guilty that the results aren’t showing?

Worst of all you don’t have the energy to enjoy being with your kids – it feels like your business is making you a worse mum, not better? 

Stop feeling guilty – it’s because you are great at your job, but there is a lot to learn about business, and we can’t do it alone.  You just need the RIGHT support.

I’m here for you! 

I’m Lisa Pearson,

Intuitive Business Coach & Mentor

The Reason Why So Many Business Programs Fail …

One Size Fits All Business Strategies Do Not Work

Your strategy must change as you grow  

Plus adapt to what works best for YOU.

To Get Results, You Need These 3 Things In Your Life!

As a busy mum you need everything in ONE place.

It stops you feeling fragmented & overwhelmed and saves you time & money.


Up To Date Business & Social Media Strategies

Things change fast in the online world – to save yourself time, it is important to have all the business, social media and techie knowledge available in one place.


Focus & Action:

Creative, passionate coaches & healers often take on too much, which leads to an unclear marketing message and feeling frazzled & overwhelmed. It is important to have someone to keep you focussed and accountable to taking action, so that you don’t lose momentum.



There isn’t enough time in the day to follow all the logical steps in the right direction.  Instead nurture & grow your inherent intuition, to take quicker steps to success.

Become a respected business woman

Embrace the business habits that breed success

Magnify your in-built Mumtuition

You Do Not Need To Invest Thousands To Make Money In Your Business

Instead invest in the level of support perfectly designed for your needs and current finances

Consistent support, to save you time having to learn / do it all on your own. 

Avoid tech / social media overwhelm.

Save yourself the stress of costly and confidence bashing mistakes.

Stay on track, even on difficult or busy weeks.

Learn how to combine business savvy with your inherent mumtuition.

Only £99pm – Limited Nos 

Currently On Hold … Join the waiting list below

6 + 8 =

What Is the Business Builder System?

A Business In A Box Covering All Areas You Need

ALL the questions a starter business owner could possibly have, covered in one course!

Tried & Tested Techniques & Strategies to build your business the right way.


Business Strategy, Money & Mindset

Learn everything you need to know about business strategies to earn 2kpm and feel confident in your business knowledge.

Save expensive mistakes, learn to embrace the money side of business and tackle money mindset gremlins.

Stay on track, whatever life throws at you. 


Marketing, Sales, Customer Services & Social Media

The Mastering sales and social media modules will save you time and energy.  Learn how to sell from the heart and manage your clients so that they are easy and happy! 

Embrace organic marketing, promote consistently on social media and clarify your niche.


Time Saving Templates

Save time, with these templates to speed up your social media, accounting & planning.


Business Models: How To Earn 2-5kpm

Specific training on how to structure your business and which models are more suitable for 1to1’s and group programs.

For More Information [Click here]

Multi Tasking & Hustling Is Not The Healthy Route

This leads to misery, exhaustion and unhappy kids

The 3 S’s Will Give You A Successful Business That Fits Into The Gaps In Your Life!

There is no point creating a business that takes up hours of your time, but doesn’t reward you and actually makes life harder with the family.


Systems & Foundations

Building clear systems means that your business will take less time.  Strong foundations means creating a long lasting business that you can rely on for future stability.


Sales & Social Media

Mastering sales and social media will save you time and energy.  One simple post can do all the work for you, whilst you spend time with your family.



This is the world of attraction marketing, therefore self-care actually MUST take a priority in order to ensure that your magnetism is at it’s peak.

Does this sound like just what you need?

They are ALL included in the Business Academy

You Do Not Have To Burn Yourself Out Or Use Tactics That Go Against Who You Are.

There is a Gentler, More Successful & Long Lasting Way!

How Can I Help?

So you are just starting out? 

Or you’ve been going it alone for a while, and just don’t seem to be getting enough clients?

All the techie stuff and social media shizzle is frying your brain, and taking up way too much time?

Plus you are so creative and full of ideas, that you don’t know where to start, so you keep flitting from idea to idea. 

You may have tried different business programs, even expensive ones, but not got the results?

That’s where I can help!  

I can save you loads of time, help you avoid costly mistakes, and fine tune your business to suit you.

I’ve been a healer & coach for over 23yrs – so I know what it is like to want to help people, but not be sure WHO you are meant to be helping. 

I’m also a single Mum with a chronic health condition – so I don’t have time to spare & everything I do is finely tuned to get results. 

Business has been in my blood for my whole life, I created my first business at 5, did a business studies degree, worked in Corporate, owned a Bricks & Mortar business and have been self employed for 2 decades … so I’ve seen it from all directions and know business inside and out. 

Starting in IT, also means I am full on nerd and can save you loads of time tackling tech headaches!

Would you love to literally gain access to ALL my knowledge in my library of masterclasses, courses, resources, templates and blueprints?  That’s what is included in this membership.

These premium resources will empower you to do your best in not only your business, but also your life. 

My mission is to help 5000 Mums earn 5000pm, whilst still having happy full lives and a great work-life balance! 

I love sharing my proven processes with other business mums who are struggling with the same issues I had as a mum and intuitive business owner.

I will gently push you past your comfort zone to pursue your dreams in a practical & powerful way. 

I will show you that you do not have to force success to happen, or sacrifice your health or time with the kids.

There is no need for loans or stressful debt, that could make it difficult to provide for the kids.

You will be able to follow your heart & keep your integrity, whilst becoming a success in business – without any business strategies that you don’t like or don’t suit you. 

You will have TRUE SUCCESS … health, happiness AND wealth.

Now is your time!

Is The Business Academy Right For You?

The Business Academy gives you the tools, focus, knowledge and intuitive alignment you need to create a strong, secure business.

You’ll never feel alone again when you join this supportive & empowering community.

Our Members Love Their Results

Look how the Mummy Whisperer’s Business Academy (previously known as the Business Club) has changed our member’s lives and businesses ..


I’ve earnt more in my first month than ever before!


I feel like I belong and am safe here 💖


I’ve hosted my first 3 day event and launched my first group program. 


I’ve worked less and earned more this month!


The three months has 100% improved my business! I gained new clients and a longterm mentoring client.  Tippled my income – boom!


I added 2.5K followers, had a viral post hit nearly 1/2 million and am now getting consistent high levels of views.

You Can Not Just Attract Clients With Your Energy

Your Vibe and Alignment IS important. 

But You Also Need To Embrace Business

Ready To Take The Leap?

We all understand what it’s like to be a mum and to try to juggle all the responsibilities in our lives …. ON TOP of trying to run and online business. 

Let us show you what it takes to get rid of the chaos in your life and start earning a good living from your business!

You’re never on your own.  And the moment you join, you become part of a supportive community of women (and the odd brave man!) who share your values and will help you stay on track. 

Everything is priced accordingly to enable you to grow at your own speed, without adding extra pressure to your journey.

This program will make you into the sparkling Business Woman you are meant to be, which is just what your family and the world needs. 

You are magnificent; you just don’t know it …. yet. 

YES, I’m Ready To Join The Business Academy

Only £99pm – Limited Nos 

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Investing More Does Not Guarantee Success Or Committment

Instead it can create panic & desperation, which breeds failure.


 How much do members tend to earn?
Generally members are earning 1-7k pm. Some are looking to build community first, so are using the club to make it easier & currently not focussed on profit, whereas others are moving to higher levels of earning & prefer to work 1to1 with me.

Is there a minimum membership time:
No, but 3 months is recommended and 12 months likely.
Also if you leave before the first 12 months is up, you will lose access to the Business Builder System Content.  After 12 months, you will have lifetime access.

How do you help us with no 1to1’s:
I’ve built a system that enables you to go through your business from top to toe without me, plus there are the Q&A Clinics. 

However there is the option to add a discounted Power Hour Review.

Click here for more frequently asked questions


If you decide the Business Academy isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription.  Please note, if this is before the 12 month’s is up, you will lose access to the Business Builder System Course. 

If you leave after paying for a full year’s membership, I will pro-rata the refund according to how many months you have been in the Academy …. however, buying another program and not prioritising the academy, would not be deemed a valid reason.

Click to read the full cancellation policy. <click here>

Are you ready to become the successful business owner you deserve to be? 

Join the Business Academy today!

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