Business Mastery Program

Combine Business Strategy, Intuitive Alignment AND Transformational Healing, to take your business to the next level. 

* Tap Into The Power Of Alignment & Intuition *

* Break Your Limiting Mindset Blocks *

* Stay Focussed & On Track *

* Leap To The Next Level *

* Heal Your Past *


You CAN have it all – a dream business, providing a dream income, for a dream lifestyle!

Business that fits into the gaps in YOUR life, provides for your family and gives you plenty of time to support your kids. 

Without increasing the stress in your life.

Plus have enough energy left over to have fun with your kids too!

It’s time for you to breakdown the boundaries that have been limiting you with an experienced, knowledgable mentor & guide.


It’s Time To Take Your Business To It’s Fullest Potential

Without increasing your stress levels or hours of work

Do You Feel That Your Business Can Go Further?

You would love to grow it. 
But aren’t managing to do it on your own?


Mindset & Energy Blocks

There will be blocks that need clearing in order for you to move onto the next level.  It’s time to strengthen your own intuition and take the easier route, by committing to align to your deeper mission & vision. 


Business Strategy Shifts

Plus it’s time to shift your business strategy into a different model, so that you can scale and grow more effectively and quickly.



With being a mum, and having everything else on your plate as well, you’ll also need someone to help you to make the most of the time you have & stay focussed.

Does this sound like just what you need?

Design A Business Model & Launch Strategy, That Can Scale For Higher Profits AND Feed Your Soul

Create A Business Model That Is Perfect For You

Using a combination of strategies:

  • Memberships
  • Group Programs
  • Intensive Workshops
  • Online Courses / Programs
  • High Ticket Programs

The Reason Why So Many Business Programs Fail …

One Size Fits All Business Strategies Do Not Work

Business As A Mum Requires You To Learn & Grow In All 3 Areas:

But you don’t have to do it alone!


Business & Social Media Strategy 

Choose from all the business model and social media strategies, to create the perfectly fine tuned program for your life and family.


Focus & Action:

Stay focussed and accountable, so that you don’t lose momentum and are more likely to achieve your goals.



There isn’t enough time in the day to follow all the logical steps in the right direction.  Instead nurture & grow your inherent intuition, to take quicker steps to success.

Make Sure Your Business Is Created With A Secure, Long Lasting Strategy

You Do Not Have To Burn Yourself Out Or Use Tactics That Go Against Who You Are.

There is a Gentler, More Successful & Long Lasting Way!

How Can I Help?

Is it time to step up

You want to launch something new in your business, and you are already busy, so you would prefer 1to1 mentoring to speed up the process?

You have loads of ideas, but aren’t sure wether to go for high ticket, low ticket, VIP programs, courses or  memberships?

Plus you know that due to your past, there are some mental blocks and energetic gremlins holding you back.  So you need some support in shifting them and stepping up a level.

That’s where I can help!  

I can save you loads of time, help you avoid costly mistakes, and fine tune your business to suit you.

I’ve been a healer & coach for over 22yrs – so I know what it is like to want to help people, but not be sure WHO you are meant to be helping. 

I’m also a single Mum with a chronic health condition – so I don’t have time to spare & everything I do is finely tuned to get results. 

Business has been in my blood for my whole life, I created my first business at 5, did a business studies degree, worked in Corporate, owned a Bricks & Mortar business and have been self employed for 2 decades … so I’ve seen it from all directions and know business inside and out. 

Starting in IT, also means I am full on nerd and can save you loads of time tackling tech headaches.

Would you love to literally gain access to ALL my knowledge in my library of masterclasses, courses, resources, templates and blueprints?  That’s what is included in this membership.

These premium resources will empower you to do your best in not only your business, but also your life. 

My mission is to help 5000 Mums earn 5000pm, whilst still having happy full lives and a great work-life balance! 

I love sharing my proven processes with other mum business owners who are struggling with the same issues I had as a mum and intuitive business owner.

I will gently push you past your comfort zone to pursue your dreams in a practical & powerful way. 

I will show you that you do not have to force success to happen, or sacrifice your health or time with the kids.

There is no need for loans or stressful debt, that could make it difficult to provide for the kids.

You will be able to follow your heart & keep your integrity, whilst becoming a success in business – without any business strategies that you don’t like or don’t suit you. 

You will have TRUE SUCCESS … health, happiness AND wealth.

Now is your time!

Is The Business Mastery Program Right For You?

The Mummy Whisperer’s business mastery program gives you the support to fast track the growth of your business.

It is a safe space to both awaken more of your gifts AND grow your business. 

Previous Business Clients Experiences

See how working with Lisa has helped so many mums with their business …


I’ve earnt more in my first month than ever before!


I feel like I belong and am safe here 💖


I’ve hosted my first 3 day event and launched my first group program. 


I’ve worked less and earned more this month!


The three months has 100% improved my business! I gained new clients and a longterm mentoring client.  Tippled my income – boom!


I added 2.5K followers, had a viral post hit nearly 1/2 million and am now getting consistent high levels of views.

Click here to read more client testimonials …

You Can Not Just Attract Clients With Your Energy

Your Vibe and Alignment IS important. 

But You Also Need To Embrace Business Mastery 

Ready To Take The Leap?

We all understand what it’s like to be a mum and to try to juggle all the responsibilities in our lives …. ON TOP of trying to run and online business. 

Let me show you what it takes to tap into that strong inner power within you and really take your business to its fullest potential.

It’s tough being a business owner, but with a strong, kind, knowledgable, intuitive mentor by your side, it’s a LOT easier!

You are a business master; you just don’t know it …. yet. 

YES, I’m Ready To Take The Leap!

FAQ & Guarantee


Is there a minimum time to work 1to1 with Lisa
Yes, generally I recommend 3 months, as that gives time to go through your business from top to bottom, rebuild your strategy and implement the changes. 

But if there is a lot going on in your business, you might choose to stay for at least 6 months.

I’m not sure which level is right for me?
As part of the Business Mastery Program, you will also get the Business Growth Program, so that you can tap into the content in there as well.  Generally Mums choose the mastery option because they would prefer some intensive 1to1 assistance and focus for a period of time.

I can’t afford it right now?
I believe that if you can’t afford it, you aren’t ready – but you are very welcome in the Business Builder or Business Growth clubs, and you will soon be booking Business Mastery with me.


If you decide the Business Mastery Program is not for you, then you can cancel with 30 days notice.

Click to read the full cancellation policy. <click here>

Are you ready to be the success you were born to be? 

Then Join The Business Mastery Program Now!

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