Small Business Success Map
& Health Check

Something Is Not Working With Your Business, But You Aren’t Sure What It Is?

Is this you? 

  • Your business isn’t earning enough
  • Maybe it’s not earning anything
  • You are passionate and great at what you do
  • But the business side is sometimes overwhelming  
  • And you aren’t attracting enough clients.
  • You just aren’t sure what is going wrong.

    You need a map to success.

    Plus a health check.

    To create an action plan!

Success Map & Health Check 
For your small business

What’s Included?


Success Map – an easy to remember visual of what makes a successful business strong and long lasting


Pre-recorded webinar describing the success map.


Health Check Questionnaire – to highlight what changes are needed


Action Planner – to enter your 30 & 90 day plans, along with longer term options 


So that you can start to make a change in your business fast and earn the money you need straight away!

What Others Have Said …


Lisa’s business advice is truly great given in a no nonsense way based on a huge amount of experience. I love working with her and find I get so much ideas and inspiration. I’d recommend anyone who needs a business boost to check her out. 😊❤️


I highly recommend to anyone to jump into this … as a way to give a kick start of feeling a bit stuck. Lisa … is a straight shooter which I love.


It is very valuable to have access to her hard won wisdom which she shares generously.


I certainly discovered some important truths about what I want and don’t want from having a business and feel in a stronger position than at the beginning of the process. 


I am really enjoying all the info. What it has high lighted to me is that in order to get my business out there I must make time to do what you are sharing, I didn’t realise just how low down I had put myself and my goals, by letting life (mummy/house life) consume my time. 


I am grateful to have been part of this. My 30 and 90 day goals will be to finish the Business Health Check and make some decisions.  I’m most grateful for the opportunity to meet and work with you Lisa. Finding you was an answer to a prayer to the Divine for some guidance and bingo bongo…She made sure I saw your post about the podcast! Thank you for all the wonderful resources: the videos, audios and written info. Perfect mix for all the learning styles. ❤️🥳

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