Change Your Life


Are you feeling stressed out of your box?


When you think you’ve got it under control and sorted, things just hit you back down?


The same sort of problem is happening over and over?


You don’t know which way to turn?


You know you aren’t taking good enough care of yourself


You’d like to learn more about the Law of Attraction


Are you interested in how meditation, journalling, positive thinking could help, but a little unsure where to start?

This course gives you simple and powerful techniques to use on every day to take better care of yourself, change how you think and feel calmer and happier.

Whilst it’s always good to ask for help from professionals and friends when life is tricky, it is also great to feel empowered and have some tricks up your own sleeve, and that’s what this course will do for you.

I remember how it felt during a time when I was deeply unhappy, dangerously unhealthy and under huge pressure.  I didn’t know which way to turn, but over time I found the answer.  I’ve created this course to help everyone feeling like that, so that you can feel better much more quickly, without having to do all the research that I had to do.

This is what I now use on a daily basis for juggling everything in my own life and I absolutely know it was key in the incredible improvement in my health and reduction in my stress levels.
It also fine-tuned my intuition and helps to give me clarity on my goals and actions.

Part 1

Introduction to the Law of Attraction +
tips to apply it to your life

1) How I’ve use the Law Of Attraction
2) Thoughts & positive affirmations
3) Emotions & gratitude
4) Action & intuition
5) Wheel of life

Part 2

The importance of self care/love to your relationships, health & happiness

1) Why Mums are so important
2) The danger of a lack of self-care
3) Physical health
4) Being Kind to yourself
5) Upgrade your life
6) Take action

Part 3

Introduction to easy Meditation +
meditations for you to use

1) Clear brain fog
2) Energy boost
3) Being grateful when stressed
4) Feel calmer
5) Mindful walking
6) Mindful tea making
7) Take action
8) New Moon/New Intentions
9) Full Moon/Letting go
10) Full Moon/Cord cutting
11) Press Reboot



Part 4

How to enjoy the magic of journalling + Tips and templates to get you started

1) ‘Rules’ of journalling
2) Why does it work
3) Materials/Resources
4) How I’ve used journalling
5) Tips on how to structure your journal
6) The beginning of the journal
7) Goals and targets
8) Trackers and planners
9) Diary templates
10) Monthly templates
11) To do lists & Plans
12) Taking action
13) The power of doodling
14) Doodling tips

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