Change your £ story

This 6 day/week course will help you to fix difficult financial situations and break out of old patterns of debt or struggle and change your story so that you can see the wood for the trees and make a change!

Step 1: Assess your Financial Situation and make a plan
Step 2: Break your beliefs about £
Step 3: Positive Affirmations
Step 4: Power of gratitude
Step 5: Money mgmt
Step 6: Healing to Up level your finances

The course is designed for you to run whenever you like and repeat over and over again – each time you reach a new money level/limit, after all, even millionaires have money challenges/problems.  

It is my sincere wish to help thousands of families get out of financially dire/difficult straights and get to a place where they are feeling secure and safe.

Total Price: £175

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Change your money story


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