Before I was ‘The Mummy Whisperer’ and before I was a  healer and coach, I was a high achieving, ambitious, perfectionist, working in IT.  I produced incredible results, became a world-wide leader in my field, was a trainer for many years and an amazing team leader.  But as the years went by, I must have become more and more of a NIGHTMARE to manage, until I learnt to manage my own stress levels and take responsibility for my emotions! 

Do you have a team or members of staff who are incredibly important to the performance of your company, but are highly stressed, candidates for burnout or very difficult to manage?

Would you love your staff to be able to manage their stress levels more easily?

Ironically it was an in house program in the company I was working for, on ‘Positive Thinking’ 25yrs ago, that eventually led to me becoming a coach.  But it was owning my own Bricks and Mortar business that fine tuned my understanding of stress management – that it can’t just be on a mental level to be successful.  Now I’d love to share what I know and do the same thing for your staff!

I teach simple, but powerful techniques, that have been fine-tuned by some of the most stressed out people in our world today – Mums!  But all the time that I was the ‘Mummy Whisperer’, I was still secretly doing business coaching and running courses for Dads or women who didn’t have children.

I absolutely know the dangers of having high achievers working for your company.  They are amazing, they produce the majority of your results.  But relying on them creates an instability for you, as they are prone to burn out or become high maintenance and need a lot of management.

The easy solution of replacing them when the cons out way the pro’s, isn’t as easy as it sounds – costly and time consuming to recruit and train new employees, and has the potential for legal issues.  But also it’s a shame, when with a few easy tweaks, they can become less stressed, happier and healthier and you can have all their amazing abilities, without the difficulties. 

My life is a good example of the – if I had known what I know now, I would never have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or damaged my immune system enough to not be able to fight off the Lyme disease.  But, those ‘mistakes’ that I made, mean I no longer believe that self-care is a luxury – I believe that it is a necessity for those of us who are ambitious and want to achieve so much.  Plus I understand that our stress management needs to be habitual and more than just tackling how we are thinking.  Only in this way, can we be consistent, reliable and HEALTHY! 

What is my Background/Qualifications?

I worked in IT at Oracle for 13 years following a BA Business Studies degree. I was a geek, but also became interested in personal development techniques, like NLP and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to manage my stress levels.

My approach is a combination of my gentle feminine and intuitive side, with my more logical, organised and masculine clarity – so very adaptable for any age/sex of ambitious, high achiever. 

I started in Hewlett Package in Marketing and then worked for Oracle in numerous roles – Consultancy, Training, Support, Project Management, Software Engineering, Team Leading and Post-Sales. 

When I trained as a Reiki Master in 2000 and Holographic Repatterning Practitioner, I continued to work for Oracle part-time, but also for myself in their treatment rooms offering healing and coaching sessions.

On moving ‘up north’, I went deeper into my behavioural, financial, business, health and esoterica training and certified as the UK’s first Senior Demartini Method Facilitator, which enabled me to help people with deep trauma and serious mental health issues.

I’ve also studied Shamanic techniques and journalling and am a qualified meditation teacher for adults, groups and children.

The ‘Mummy Whisperer’ was born after I miraculously fell pregnant, not once, but twice, having been told I would never have children!  I felt for these women who are the centre of our community, but so often very challenged, whilst also having limited time and resources.

My best selling book ‘6 Steps to a sparkling you‘ was published in 2011 on Amazon and there is a whole bookshelf of books waiting to be written!  In the meantime I offer online courses and groups for mums, helping them to get happier, healthier and wealthier.

In 2013 I started a Hair & Beauty Salon and Spa which was a huge learning curve and taught me a lot more about the realities of business and employing members of staff. I was in the process of selling my business after 6yrs, when it sadly went into liquidation through no fault of my own – a long an unpleasant story.  I therefore definitely understand the extra stresses on the management team or CEO’s.

I am now symptom free from my Fibromyalgia and Lyme disease and thoroughly enjoying being able to focus on the Mummy Whisperer and my children.  But with the pressures on businesses right now, it is time for me to step up and help to bring more stability to businesses that are relying on their staff and can’t afford for them to not manage their own stress, health and emotions.


Thank you so much to these busy businesses for sharing:


Gelsomino (Owner of a Deli): I stumbled across the law of attraction course, thinking naively that it would be anecdotal and light relief from some turbulent times in my professional, personal and family life… The course infact proved to be quite the opposite.. It was resourceful, supportive, assuring, poignant, spiritual, sincere, profound, and so helpful in more ways than I can express… It got me through occasions and situations where I thought I had no further to go….. Highly recommended.


Elena (Pizzeria owner): Why I love to work with Lisa? Lisa has changed as coach and with her I changed too. We start in 2007 and we still keep on being coach and client….why? Because Lisa is human not a fake spiritual coach that push her ideas on you. She lives the feelings, the emotions, the experiences on her own skin and that makes her real. So with her I feel comfortable and the fact that she gives me tools and not therapies it works on my own time to understand, I feel at ease still I know I am shifting and growing thanks to her support as coach. Lisa has supported me trough life, losing my wife, running my business , and still today….in my evolution as a woman. I am a better soul today thanks to the presence of Lisa in my life. So thank you Lisa Pearson




Roma (SME Business Consultant)Working with Lisa it became clear very quickly that she has a strong and deep understanding of the pressures of being a business owner and the importance, not only of a healthy balance sheet and growth plan for the business but also of the mental and physical wellbeing of SME business owners facing daily challenges. It’s simple. In this day and age, keeping your business plan flexible and agile to meet any change in the market are critical to success. This is just as important for the person at the helm and their teams as the business grows. Lisa helps people to understand how to become the best they can be. She’s an asset to any business small, medium or large!

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