Stress Turnaround Follow-On


Is it difficult for your high achievers to fit relaxation into their daily lives?


Do you want to make it easier for them?


And ensure it happens, by making it a weekly habit?

This Follow-On Program For The Stress Reduction Program Provides A Consistent Safe Haven For Your Staff

We all know that however much we mean to take care of our stress levels and incorporate relaxation techniques into our life, it can be tricky.

But if they are scheduled into our lives, then they HAPPEN!

So this weekly meditation and journalling lunch hour for your staff is the perfect option.

Even just one hour a week can make a massive difference, especially when it becomes a regular practice.

Plus it’s the perfect follow on for the ‘Stress Turnaround Program‘, to ensure that your staff incorporate the power of meditation and journalling as  regular habit in their lives.

To make a big change, is down to a daily change of habits, but one little step at a time can make a massive difference.


This is run in-house, during the lunch hour every week over a 6 week period.  
Each week we will do journalling for stress reduction and meditation for relaxation.
Plus we will create a group to share and encourage each other in between sessions. 


A weekly meditation

We will be able to investigate different types of meditation over the weeks and also adapt to whatever the team need at the time.



Weekly Journalling Exercises

Journalling can be used to let go of stress, gain clarity on next plans and track progress/projects to help them be more successful.

Weekly Cost:
£30 per person 

From 8-20 people
Booked over 6 weeks 

Price includes Voxer group for text/voice contact through out the 6 weeks.
Refunds can not be given for missing a session.
Asking for 30-50% contribution from staff can be a great option to encourage them to take responsibility for their own health and stress levels.

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