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Do your kids drive you mad sometimes?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  

Reacting angrily? 

Need some QUICK, FREE help?


Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one!  

  • You need a quick, easy way to re-centre yourself
  • That takes just 5 min 
  • Helping you to deal NOW with what is going on
  • And reassess/reflect later 

The 5 Minutes To Calm Toolkit Is Your Answer

5 Quick, Powerful, Simple Steps


And reusable whenever you need it!

What’s Included?


5 Steps – that only take 5 mins and are easy to remember for the future


1 minute meditation – to help you to recenter and feel calm again


Ebook – all presented in an easy to read, beautifully presented eBook 

My Mission
To help Mums Enjoy Being A Mum More

I'm extremely passionate about helping mums feel happier & healthier from top to toe, because when the Mum is happy, because we are the heart of the family - and when the heart is strong, so is the family.

Hi!  I'm Lisa Pearson ....

A Mum, with 2 kids, 2 dogs & 2 cats  

With Fibromyalgia & Lyme Disease

20yrs as a Healer & coach

Business Owner & Techie geek  

 With strong 'Mumtuition' - our super power of gut instinct.  


I am a 51 year old mum, with a teenage boy & tweenage girl, 2 daft dogs, 2 huge cats, married for 31yrs, living in Hertfordshire, but originally from sunny Bristol (as at 2020).  I started in the corporate world, and then became a healer & coach and studied human behaviour, esoterics & metaphysics to a deep level.  But in the end I found power & wisdom in simplicity!


I was actually told I would never be able to have kids at 19 - so falling pregnant at 36 and then 40 was a huge miracle for me - and this is when I moved from working mainly with mental health issues & past trauma/abuse to focussing on Mums and/or business coaching - as I am hugely passionate about helping the heart of the family to feel strong and happy.


I have had Fibromyalgia and Lyme disease for the past 10yrs - and in the past PCOS and IBS - which is why I have such a huge fascination with healthy lifestyles, exercise and nutrition.  It came as a 'blow' to get so ill when I was already a 'healer' - but I have learn't sooooo much from these challenges, that I would never have understood, if I had remained healthy. I am virtually pain free now, sleep for 7hrs a night, can walk for an hour a day and manage 10,000 steps a day - this is not a major achievement for 'normal people', but for me it is huge, and I aim to be completely symptom free by the end of 2021 (it still affects me cognitively).


People consider me 'strong and determined', due to the huge number of challenges that I have made it through.  My smile hides a lot!  2019 was particularly bad for me, and I had to rebuild myself from scratch at 50.  Being 'sensitive' and 'empathic', made me vulnerable at times in the past - but I can now smell out a toxic, scam artist, narcissist from a mile off - and can help you to recognise the red flags easily!  But I have come through without being cynical or angry - just a lot wiser and tougher.  


I'm not a parenting technique coach - I believe that different mums, families and children need different approachs.  What I do is help YOU to tap into your own Mumtuition and feel happier, healthier, stronger and more confident.  From there, YOU will know what to do!


 So here I am - ready to help save you from making all the mistakes I made, or help you through your journey more easily & quickly.  I'll never judge your route - I have a huge respect for us all taking different paths, I'm just there to support and empower you.

What Other Mums Have Said …

Roma: Lisa is just incredible. Warm, supportive, practical & really knows her stuff. She gently interacts like a calm voice of reason amongst the chaos of life, with honesty & achievable tips to cut through the bs that can feel like life at times! I cannot tell you what a difference it makes to me, knowing that she is there with her reassuring advice with a great sense of fun & humour when it really matters.

(Re Journalling Tips) Thank you for this!! It’s amazing, I don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner! Definitely something I shall keep doing x


(Re Meditations)
Your voice is so calming Lisa
Thank you Lisa, that was lovely!💕

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