Gentle Living Community

Come and join my free community for anyone needing a safer, gentler place to connect.  There is something for everyone here:  Gentle Living Community, Journaling, Crafting, Spirituality, Health & Fitness and ‘Hustle Free’ Biz Tips

Gentle living – means we focus on a rounded Body, Mind and Soul approach and take the time to make sure that our nervous system isn’t fried or burnt out.

It’s really similar to ‘Slow living’ except it might actually be faster than ‘Normal Living’ as using your intuition bypasses slower logical approaches.  Plus I don’t want to scare off the creative ADHDer’s amongst you 😂

A ‘School Hours Business’ means hustle free business that you can fit easily into your life 2-5hrs per day.  This is my specialty!

There are monthly FREE TRAININGS as well, to help you with your Journaling, Gentle Living Adjustments and Businesses. 

Plus if you are a small business, you are welcome to promote yourself!


Argh Why On Discord?

I know that for some of you the idea of ANOTHER new app is a bit argh 🤦🏻‍♀️.

But give it time and I’m sure you will find it is great — and there is a ‘How to use discord’ section.

1) Your Friends & Family Can’t Be Nosey – plus you can have any name that you like.

2) You can therefore be honest about any challenges you are facing and ask for help – OR celebrate and know that no one thinks you are showing off!

3) Avoid the comparison trap on Facebook / Instagram … this can be better for your mental health when stepping onto your healing journey 


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