Let’s Get Started!

Have you recently started a new business?

Or are struggling to boost your current business and get it to reach its goals?

Would you love some help to speed up the process and help you avoid all the potential mistakes coming up?

Do you feel like you need to go over your current business strategy with a Fine Tooth Comb?

Do you need some Support to get going?  

Do you need some Accountability to get you focussed?

Then the ‘Lets Get Started’  is what you need!

I am passionate about the affordability and power of online groups – they enable me to give huge amounts of assistance at an affordable price, exactly when you need it.

The reality is that it can be difficult or impossible to achieve our goals on our own. There is so much to learn when getting a business off the ground, but with support we can learn and grow faster.

This membership program is exactly what you need as a mumpreneur, who needs help getting her business off the ground and moving from being a kitchen table hobby business, to one that provides security, fun and adventure for the family, whilst fitting into your daily routine. 

Let’s Get Started!

A boost of momentum, focus, support and practical training that get’s you going and keeps you going.

With the “Mummy Whisperer”

What is Included?


25 videos of business training.  The most important tips you need to know, and actions/exercises you need to do, to make sure that you avoid expensive mistakes and delays in your success.


Get Started Workbook.  To fill in throughout the program and provide you with a clear strategy and position to launch from. 


Fortnightly Clinics in the group, to get advice on your current business challenges.


4 Online Courses to help you handle the stresses of owning a business, develop personally and ensure that you are the strongest you can be. (See below for more information).


Business booster Membership for energetic boosts every 2-3 months!


Weekly Journal Prompts helping you to break through blocks and get inspirational ideas for your week ahead


Monthly Meditations to help keep you in the right vibe for success


Monthly One Minute Wonders to help keep you in the right mindset for success


Facebook community for consistent support


Weekly accountability to keep you focussed and on track

Total Value:

priceless, if you aren’t managing it on your own and could save you thousands in costly mistakes


Normally £199 per month, currently ONLY £77 pm

Membership information:
3 months minimum is recommended, it is likely you will want to stay for 12-24months.
No limit to how long you can remain in the group
Only 1 month’s notice is required to cancel
If you leave, you may not be able to return on the pricing structure you joined at.

Consistent Support

To Give An Extra Boost:


Weekly accountability and feedback to boost your committment


Fortnightly Q&A Clinic for your current business challenges or questions


Facebook community to share your successes and challenges 


Regular ‘booster’ weeks for extra energy

Change your life

How to managed your stresses and stay on track every day.
Introduction to Journalling, Meditation, Law Of Attraction and Self Care. 
Value £99, Click here for more info

Change your £ Story

How to turn around your financial situation from one filled with stress/debt to one where you always know that your bills are paid and savings are growing.
Value £175, Click here for more info


Heal Your Emotions

Learn this simple system to acknowledge and heal your emotions and upsets, so that they no longer upset you or get in the way of your day to day life. 
Value £199, Click here for more info

Time For Change

A course to give clarity on what changes you would love to make in your work and life, whilst making space for the new.

Value £47, Click here for more info

Business Booster

Runs every 2-3 months to give you both a practical and energetic boost to your business 
Value £59, Click here for more info

Price for December 2019

ONLY £77pm

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