How To Get Clients

What Business Mums Need To Know To Start Easily Getting More Clients

Are You New To Running A Business? 

Or Been Around A While, But Just Not Attracting Enough Clients? 

Then This Online Program Is For You!

Is This You?  

  • Are you running a business from home?

  • You are great at what you do, but struggling to attract clients.

  • Just not earning enough. 

  • Don’t have the money to invest in an expensive program.

  • Scared to invest in yet another program.

  • Aren’t sure what you are doing wrong. 

  • Can’t decide what shiny new strategy you need to learn!

  • Nothing seems to work.

  • Losing hope. 

How To Get Clients

This is the most complete Marketing & Social Media ‘starter’ pack ever created!


It Will Be Your Guidance System For Years To Come!


Demystify Where Clients Come From – it’s easier than you think!


What Makes Your Clients Decide To Buy – It Is Not All About Your ‘Energy’ Being ‘Wrong’!


The Secret To Organic Marketing – Attracting Clients Without Spending Hundreds Of Hours Or Money.


Make It Easy And Stop Sending Clients Away


How your vibe and self-care will help to attract new clients – the GOOD NEWS!


How to build a business that is easy to buy from with a razor sharp message


Introduction to nicheing

What Is Included?


Every Format Of Learning Covered In Short Chunks!

I love to learn in many ways, don’t you? This online course has videos, workbooks, checklists, planners, journalling prompts … all the formats you need for learning.

Plus it is put together especially for mums who have small chunks of time for learning, so it is easy to pick up and put down again.

Value: Priceless


Where Do Clients Come From?

Demystifying the process of clients finding you, connecting and then eventually buying from you. 

It is not actually as complicated or difficult, when you understand how it works.  All without expensive adverts.

Value: £127


Top 5 Client Repelling Mistakes

You maybe attracting opportunities for new clients, but then literally sending them away. 

This training will make sure that you keep all your ideal clients!

Value: £29


Organic Marketing Masterclass

How to get clients from helping people in other groups and creating engaging posts.
How to manage your organic marketing, so that it is effective and doesn’t eat up 100’s of hours a week.

Value: £59


BONUS: Client Attraction Momentum Map Intro

An introduction to a 4 step system included in the Business Builder, for creating a streamlined business model that will easily attract clients with a razor sharp & co-ordinated message.

Value: £19 


BONUS: Get Started With Your Niche

Working out what your niche is, is a course in itself and a life long journey. 

But this will help you understand why it matters, and what doesn’t matter, and get you started enough to attract more clients.

Value: £29


BONUS: FAQ “Do I Have To Have A Facebook Group”

The online world is changing, it’s important to not just do things because people say so, this module will help you make the right decision for you.

Value: £29 


BONUS: What Is Social Proof And How To Get It

One of the most important steps in building your business that is often ignored. 

Value: £29

Total Value Easily £340

Currently Not Available On It’s Own: 

Included in the Business Start Up & Boost Program.

3 Amazing Courses for the price of 1: Just £99


The Full Client Repelling Mistakes Training

Get The Full Training On How To Stop Pushing Clients Away

My 5 client repelling mistakes are available for free, however this training goes into much more depth on:

      1. Your Social Media Profile Choosing
      2. The Right Business Model & Strategy
      3. The Importance Of Social Proof
      4. Your Niche / Message
      5. Walking Your Talk

      Stop wasting time and energy!

      Get these 5 mistakes fixed ASAP!

        Hi, I'm Lisa Pearson ....

        A Mum  

        23yrs as a Healer & coach

        Business Owner

         Techie geek

        Journaling Lover  

         With strong 'Mumtuition' - our super power of gut instinct.  

        My Background

        I was a young carer for my Mum, with business in my blood - belonging to a family with a small biz, I grew up with it. 

        With over 35yrs in business - corporate, owning a bricks & mortar business and self employed - I have had loads of successes AND made every mistake in the book! 

        25yrs ago I retrained as a healer & coach, investigating all things holistic, spiritual, metaphysical & healing related.

        I love my business, but I am also juggling being a single mum of 2 teens, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Mast Cell Activation syndrome, the Menopause & CPTSD - quite a juggle! 

        Journaling became my Godsend - something that kept me functioning and content. 

        Eventually I realised that 'normal living' just wasn't going to work for me any more, even general coaching wasn't suitable for me & hence I came up with the concept of 'Gentle Living'.

        I committed to making sure that my business fitted into my life so that it worked for me and didn't make me ill - which for me was only 2-3hrs a day and so was born the art of 'Gentle Business'. 

        My mission is to help others on their journey's to Gentler Living to a 'heart happy' life! 

        While spreading the empowering, simple & cheap secret sauce that is Journaling!

        Especially Mothers, as we are the heart of the family, and grow the new humans that create the future of this world - which frankly needs improving!

        Plus for those of you crazy enough to be Business Owners, I'm here to make sure it earns what you would love and enables you to have the life of your dreams! 

        What Other Small Business Owner Mum’s Say …


        My event sold out, so chuffed 😁


        Lisa made me change my profile picture from my previous serious face one.And since changing it, my linked in connections have been increasing steadily!


        Lisa’s business advice is truly great given in a no nonsense way based on a huge amount of experience. I’d recommend anyone who needs a business boost to check her out. 😊❤️


        You are so raw and real. You don’t use crazy words. I was actually able to sit down and get a plan going thanks to you! Step by step and simple is making is easy for me not to get caught up in this crazy online business stuff!


        I certainly discovered some important truths about what I want and don’t want from having a business and feel in a stronger position than at the beginning of the process. 


        The best thing I got was getting into the intuitive process and the easy flow.  Lisa, thank you so much for doing this, you are a star. 💚


        I found the perfect local venue for my treatments, with everything I had hoped for and didnt think was possible, following the intuitive actions meditation.


        I love your meditations too. Thanks so much 😍


        (Re Journalling Tips) Thank you for this!! It’s amazing, I don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner! Definitely something I shall keep doing x


        (Re Facebook Tips)
        Amazing tips !!! Thank you ‼️‼️‼️💞🤩👏
        Great tips thank you, just made some amends to my personal profile. XX
        Thank you for sharing these Lisa! 🌟
        Can wait to get on this 🙌🏼🙌🏼😘


        I loved it….. The content covered all aspects – mindset, biz tips, loads of advice and things to consider.  I don’t feel there was too much ❤️


        (I learn’t) Not to get overwhelmed by others energy and stay focused on building my business 🙏❤️💞💪


        (Re Meditations)
        Your voice is so calming Lisa
        Thank you Lisa, that was lovely!💕


        I'm well aware that you may have invested before & been disappointed with what you received, so you might be nervous to buy something.

        Of course, I'm not taking away the your responsibility to be proactive and follow the material in my programs.  But I don't believe that you, should be the one who has to take the risk in purchasing my books, programs or 1to1's.  My intention is that you receive what you were hoping to receive and more! 

        So there is a 7 Day money back guarantee on all of my programs and services.

        Contact me