Heal Your Emotions


Is stress getting the better of you and making you unhealthy and unhappy?


Do challenges take you weeks to get over?


Are you holding on to old hurts and upsets for too long?


And it’s taking it’s toll on your personality?

This course gives you simple and powerful techniques that you can use every day to reduce your stress levels, tackle repeating patterns and feel clear on changes you would love to make.

Whilst it’s always good to ask for help from professionals and friends when life is tricky, it is also great to feel empowered and have some tricks up your own sleeve, and that’s what this course will do for you.

This course is the culmination of 20yrs of research and study.  It is a simple technique that everyone can learn, to heal their emotions and past pains and let them go.  

This is what I now use on a daily basis and I absolutely know it was key in the incredible improvement in my health and reduction in my stress levels.

Step 1

It’s Ok to feel your emotions

It’s extremely important not to ignore how you feel and repress them

Step 2

Journalling to dig deeper

But the question is, ‘why’ do we feel like that, what is going on?

Step 3

Release the emotion & pain

Teaching you how to use a healing meditation to release the emotion and pain.

Step 4

Energy Clearing

Teaching you how to clear your energy

Step 5

Take Inspired Action

Now that you are clearer, you will be able to work out what action to take.

Step 6

Create Your New Reality 

And from your new more healthy vibe, we focus on creating what you would love in your life.

Change your Life

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Change your £ Story

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Total Price: £199 

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Heal your emotions


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