How To Earn £2-£5K Pm

Free 3 Day Training  

For Overwhelmed, Holistic, Businesses Owner Mums. 

Are you earning £0-£1kpm?

You need to structure & market your business

So that it can EARN more, with LOW costs & easily FIT it into your life

But you don’t know how? 

Then these 3 days are just what you need!

You’ll come away knowing how to ….

  • Build a clear business model to follow and the options on how to structure your services/programs.
  • Choose between different marketing strategies. 
  • Sort your social media shizzle
  • Use organic marketing.

Each day will fit easily into your busy life – with training first thing in the morning, plenty of time to do what you’ve got to do during the day and Q&A in the evening.  ALL FREE!



 This Free Training is to help you get clarity on your marketing message and how to structure your business so that you can …

Make more money easily.

Without having loads of costs.  

While still having time for fun!


Day 1

How to structure a business that CAN earn £2-£5k AND have low costs AND fit into your life
This is a mammoth day – expect to come away excited about rethinking your business and what it can do for you!


Day 2

What are your Business model and marketing options
Today we will look at your business model, marketing strategy options, that will enable you to earn what you would love. 


Day 3

Social Media Shizzle 
Finally, be clear on what needs to be changed in your social media, what organic marketing is and how to ‘repurpose’ and plan 4-6 weeks of posts. 



What is included?


Preparation Tasks – useful tasks to get you ready to make the most of the 3 day event.



Social Media Shizzle Checklist – an easy to use checklist to help you to get your social media in place.



3 Day’s Training – Every morning at 9.30 will be the training for 30-40mins.



3 Day’s of Q&A –  Every evening from 7-8pm you have your opportunity to ask Lisa for her advice directly.



Recap –  Plenty of chance to catchup if you miss a training / Q&A session and watch them later.



Support in the Group – support from all the other members of the group also working through the exercises.

TOTAL VALUE at least £99

 But for now


March 16th-17th-18th 2021 
(recording available)

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Hi, I’m Lisa Pearson ….

A Mum  

20yrs as a Healer & coach

Business Owner

 Techie geek  

 With strong ‘Mumtuition’ – our super power of gut instinct.  

My Background

I was born with business in my blood - belonging to a family with a small business, I grew up with it. 

With over 30yrs in business - corporate, owning a bricks & mortar business and self employed - I have had loads of successes AND made every mistake in the book!

I now run a business that I love, whilst juggling 2 young children, Fibromyalgia & Lyme Disease. 

I'm here to share everything I've learnt with you, so that you can have happiness & success more quickly, with less of the stress & tears!

I help stressed, overwhelmed mums to grow confident & strong with my books, podcast & 1to1s. 

I also help mums with small, kitchen table businesses, turn them literally into a 'holiday' from the stresses of life,  that brings adventure & security to their family.  My mission is to help 5000 Mums earn £5000pm, whilst still having happy full lives and a great work-life balance!

I'm a huge fan of social media - not best friends with Instagram, I have a good partnership with facebook, but a wonderous relationship with Tiktok - meanwhile I get on Ok with Pinterest, Twitter and all the others - yep, I'm a social media lover!

What Other Small Business Owner Mum’s Say …


Gained new clients and a longterm mentoring client.  Tippled my income – boom!

Lisa’s business advice is truly great given in a no nonsense way based on a huge amount of experience. I’d recommend anyone who needs a business boost to check her out. 😊❤️

I highly recommend to anyone to jump into this … as a way to give a kick start of feeling a bit stuck. Lisa … is a straight shooter which I love.


It is very valuable to have access to her hard won wisdom which she sharesgenerously.

TOTAL VALUE at least £99

 But for now


March 16th-17th-18th 2021 
(recording available)

Join the ‘Mum Your Own Business’ group below

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