How To Earn 2-£5K Pm

For Coaches, Holistic Therapists & Healers

Want to create a business that earns 2-5kpm?

That will create a streamlined,

low cost business,

That fits into family life?  

Then this online course is just what you need!

It covers the ….

Business Models

Marketing strategies 

Social Media shizzle

and Organic Marketing

That you need, in order to create a business that can earn 2-5kpm.

Plus help you decide which ones will be suitable for you.

And descriptions of which ones are NOT suitable for a small business.


You will get clarity on your marketing message and how to structure your business so that you can …

Make more money easily.

Without having loads of costs.  

While still having time for fun!


Step 1

How to structure a business that CAN earn £2-£5k AND have low costs AND fit into your life
This is a mammoth – expect to come away excited about rethinking your business & what it can do for you!

Step 2

What are your business model & marketing options
Today we will look at your business model, marketing strategy options, that will enable you to earn what you would love. 

Step 3

Get your social media shizzle sorted. 
Finally, be clear on what needs to be changed in your social media, what organic marketing is & how to ‘repurpose’ your posts to save time and create a consistent message.

What Is Included?


Preparation Tasks –

Useful tasks & training to get you ready to make the most of the program


Social Media Shizzle Checklist

An easy to use checklist to help you to get your social media in place.


3 Day’s Training –

3 x 30-40min Training videos


3 Day’s of Q&A –  

3 x 30-60min videos full of frequently asked questions and examples for different businesses .


Hi, I'm Lisa Pearson ....

A Mum  

22yrs as a Healer & coach

Business Owner

 Techie geek  

 With strong 'Mumtuition' - our super power of gut instinct.  

My Background

I was born with business in my blood - belonging to a family with a small business, I grew up with it. 

With over 30yrs in business - corporate, owning a bricks & mortar business and self employed - I have had loads of successes AND made every mistake in the book!

I now run a business that I love, whilst juggling 2 young children, Fibromyalgia & Lyme Disease.   

But most importantly, I have committed to making sure that my business fits into my life perfectly - which for me is just 3hrs a day.

I'm here to share everything I've learnt with you, so that you can have happiness & success more quickly, without the stress & tears!

My mission is to help 5000 Mums earn £5000pm, whilst still having happy full lives and a great work-life balance!

I help mums with coaching/healing businesses, create streamlined, low cost businesses that earn what they would love AND leave plenty of time for fun with the family. 

I believe very strongly that our businesses should fit into the gaps in our lives, not the other way around, and that a truly successful business mum, is one who is happy and healthy as well as having a successful business.

I also help stressed, overwhelmed mums to grow confident & strong with my books, podcast & 1to1s. 

I'm a business 'all rounder' - I understand strategy, marketing, sales, money management, social media and the tech behind it, and I've always had an innate ability to share the complicated in a simple way.  This is my super power, I'm looking forward to helping you bring yours to light!

What Other Small Business Owner Mum’s Say …


Thank u. I just found your videos and checklist super helpful and cut out all the fuzz around social media marketing. Your social media checklist alone helped me with confusion I had with starting a new group and I have also been more active on my social media so thank you  


I love Step 9 and so needed to hear this!


I love the way you start low and then go high. So many other coaches assume everyone can make 10k in one shot. Not true.


Love how candid you are about the points here. No fluff, and only grounded direction. Perfect


Loved this Lisa, thank you so much, you are something else. Perfect


You have MADE this easy, exciting and engaging, so glad I found you! Off to look at my shizzle


Its been a fun filled and ideas generating 3 days WOW – Lisa Pearson you are amazing


It is very valuable to have access to her hard won wisdom which she shares generously.


Thank you so much, Lisa!
We are now working on our shizzle! Time for a plan (well overdue!) There have been some nuggets of wisdom, it’s time to implement!

TOTAL VALUE at least £99

 But for now

Only £59  

100% Guarantee

I'm well aware that you may have invested before & been disappointed with what you received, so you might be nervous to buy something.

Of course, I'm not taking away the your responsibility to be proactive and follow the material in my programs.  But I don't believe that you, should be the one who has to take the risk in purchasing my books, programs or 1to1's.  My intention is that you receive what you were hoping to receive and more! 

I try to set everyone's expectations really clearly about how I work and what is in each service - but I understand that we are sometimes in a rush, so you will even get a refund on a simple mistake.

There is a time limit of 30 days on the guarantee, so that when you contact me it is at the forefront of your memory.  I would ask that you commit to doing what is suggested and take responsibility for your potential own lack of action, or that some situations can take a little while to transform, if they have been challenging for a long time. 

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