Kick Start Your Dream Life Group

Have you struggled to reach your goals in the past?

Would you like more help in applying the Law Of Attraction to your life?

Do you want to make sure that you have really ‘got’ it?

I’ve created this kick start focus group as I realised that for some it is not enough to buy my ‘Happier mums‘ course and work their way through it. Maybe they’ve tried using the Law of Attraction before and it hasn’t worked, or maybe they have a goal that is just too important to not get it right.

I’ve found it surprising how many people who I’ve taken through each week from my Happier mums course, really thought they had understood it, but really hadn’t; even people with many years experience in the personal development world. It’s invaluable to make sure that you really understand the Law of Attraction and are living it in your life.

So each month we will go through a week from the course and discuss the results from your exercises and meditations, giving me a chance to give you feedback. There will be 1-2 hot seats on each call where we go through a participants results directly and give feedback. Everyone will get a chance to get 1to1 coaching in a hot seat at least once on the course. We do these in a group call, because we can gain so much from each other’s experiences; don’t just limit yourself to understanding how the LOA can be applied in your current situation! These groups are safe and confidential, so you can share with us and not worry.

We’ll have a 1to1 at the beginning of the program, to go through your goal with a fine tooth comb and make sure you are heading in the right direction.  Then at the end of the program we’ll have another 1to1 to clear any remaining blocks and give you direction on where to go next.

I’m also going to help you keep on track with accountability and feedback posts and give your to do list a boost with the get it done day.

Kick Start Your Dream Life!

6 month Support Group
Applying the Law of Attraction
Includes “Happier Mums” evergreen 6 Week Course

With “Mummy Whisperer”

What is Included?

Safe and supportive facebook group (Value priceless!)

The Happier Mums course to teach you the Law of Attraction (Value £297)


The ‘Be Your Own Best Friend’ course (Value £197)


The ‘Be Wealthy’ bonus course (Value £297)


Monthly group coaching calls to go through the weeks from the ‘Happier Mums‘ course and make sure that everyone is applying it and doing the exercises and meditations – it’s surprising how important it is to make sure that we really ‘get’ each step of the LOA. (Value £1440)


Weekly accountability post and end of week feedback posts – to keep you focussed on your goal and enable the group to help. (Value £1320)

‘Get It Done’ Days within the group to help you clear down long standing or large to do lists. (Value £240)

Two 1to1 Breakthrough calls – One 1to1 at the beginning of the 6 months to ensure your goal is going in the right direction for you and another at the end to clear any remaining questions and give clarity on your next moves (Value £260)

Most importantly: Community support – this is where the magic happens! (Value priceless!)

Total Value: £4051 (but don’t worry, I won’t be charging you that much!)


Now due to the importance of the group vibe, there are a couple of pre-requisites to becoming a member of the group:

Attend ‘The Happier mums‘ and ‘Be Your Own Best Friend’ courses, so that we are all on the same page and level of understanding of the Law of Attraction (included in the price)

Pick an area of life to focus on for 6 months
Commitment to attending the monthly calls (book them in your diary straight away) and doing the work.
Interact in the facebook group on good and bad weeks – your involvement is important
Prepare for the calls – a ‘check in’ is much more effective if you have thought through your current situation, what you’ve achieved, what you would love to achieve and your current issues.
Complete confidentiality of anything discussed in the group.


One payment

of £2970

Six Payments

£545 x 6