Law of Attraction For Mums

The life of a mum can seem so overwhelming, tiring, exhausting and stressful. We are pulled in all directions and often feel powerless to change anything.

That’s why the Law of Attraction works so well for us:

It helps you to:
Get out of that downwards spiral
Then empowers you to stabilise your life
Finally you can use it to spiral upwards and create your dream life

You’ll find I talk a lot about it now a days on facebook, and in my free facebook group. I’ve also created an introductory course called ‘Heal your life’ and a 6 week online course called ‘Happier Mums use the Law of Attraction’ to help you achieve your dreams.

Introduction to the Law of Attraction and how it works for Mums

As you know I’m passionate about the Law of Attraction. I feel it is empowering for us Mums.

We can so often feel as though our lives are restricted. Our timetable is set by the kids, there are a lot of financial needs, and relationships can become trickier.

Since going more deeply into this simple Law, I have been able to use it to lift myself out of a downward stress spiral, tackle challenges with the kids, and apply it to my health and business.

Here is a quick video introduction where I explain more deeply what it is and why it has helped me.
Put simply the Law is that:

Thought + Emotion + Action => Our Reality

Psychologically you can see how despite their best intentions, the way that a person thinks and behaves affects their whole life.

But the LOA is more than that. It is saying that our vibration is also key to the people and circumstances that we attract. This is the key to more dramatic changes in our lives and creating long lasting dream lives.

The key to a happy, healthy life: Love yourself more

I ran a free easy to use and apply 7 day online course called ‘Be your own best friend’, to help you love yourself more, which was so popular and helpful, that I was encouraged to package it up into a course that you can now buy and download.

It’s simple, powerful and easy to fit into your life as a mum.  Plus it will make a huge difference, because being kinder to yourself and learning to love yourself more is the key to a happy, healthy and wealthy life.

Check out my video explaining it here and you can buy <HERE> (the free subscription period is now over, but there is also now a great combo package offer with my ‘Happier Mums Use The Law Of Attraction’ course, if you would like both!).  Please share if you know anyone who needs to be kinder to themselves or appreciate themselves more.

How Journalling Helped Me Turn My Year Around

I have become a HUGE fan of journalling since 2017!  I started in June and it has really helped me to reduce stress, improve my Lyme disease, enjoy being with the kids more and make important business changes.

Come and join me in my Facebook group ‘Create your dream life with the mummy whisperer’ for more regular tips and my free ‘Time for Change’ course.

Here is a quick video I did about to encourage you to use it this year if you need to make a big change:


Writing stuff down is pretty magic. It empties the mind of stresses and often helps discover a solution more easily.

It gives perspective on a problem and helps to see if things are not as bad as you think. Or even highlights when something is worse and you’ve been letting it go on to long.

The notes help me really integrate healing/personal development I do and make sure I learn new stuff fully.

By doing a 3 monthly review I discover that I tend to have achieved much more than I thought (I tend to be quite hard on myself), and it helps me make a change to problems in the next 3 months.

How it works

As you can see, my journal is really simple.

I started with one page per day, but it’s more like 2-4 pages per day now. The key things that have helped me are:

At the beginning I make a note of what I want to:

  1. Monitor – this tends to be things I forget to do that are good for me, like dog walking.
  2. Treatment routine – my current treatment routine, so that I can monitor what does and doesn’t work.
  3. What I want to achieve over the next 3 months
    1. at home
    2. for the Mummy Whisperer
    3. and my salon.
At the end I review the 3 months (or year if it’s December) and do a summary of what happened and then review what did and didn’t work. This will give me my focus for the next 3 months.

For each day I will highlight in the margin important things that happened e.g going somewhere special with the kids or something happening at work, and some options that help me track my health e.g. exercise.

Most days I’ll make notes from a meditation, do some personal development or read something that I want to make notes on. Those notes go on the plain pages, so that I can also track when I was studying different things. At the end of the 3 months I particularly review these, as I find it helps make sure I’ve really learnt/integrated new info.

I use a gold highlighter to underline important pages that I want to be able to find again, and sometimes little labels if it’s notes I need for work. I LOVE STATIONARY!

I’m going to enhance my notes section for this year and use it for To do’s, memories and doodles of things I want to create/manifest in my life. So it’s going to be more colourful, hence definitely needing more stationary 😉

If you are looking to make a change and aren’t sure where to start, I can’t recommend journalling enough. It doesn’t have to be complicated, a plain notebook is perfect, just add a margin to highlight key points and put the date in.

Let me know what you think and remember to come into my Facebook group for helpful online courses.


I’m not a natural meditator! I wouldn’t find it easy to chant ‘ohm’ in a corner for 30 mins several times a day. However meditation has been key for me with stress reduction, improving my health and healing myself. Sometimes I’ll just do a quick ‘mindful meditation’ while walking the dog and sometimes I’ll do a much longer shamanic or visualisation one. But the key is that I don’t stick to a particular kind of meditation or over complicate it at all. I just use it as a very important part of my weekly routine.

Luckily because I’m also a healer, the meditations that I do with my clients or on my facebook pages can also have the benefit of being healing them as well as being calming. So all my courses will include some form of meditations and I do a lot of free ones on my facebook pages to help all the mums out there that might need it.

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Here is an introduction to meditation video I created:

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