Love Yourself More Course

So many of us Mums really struggle after having kids, due to the change in our social status that makes us under value our contribution, and the gradual seeping away of our importance vs those of our kids.

This affects our ability to be healthy, wealthy, successful and have great relationships – because if we don’t treat ourselves well, why would anyone else.

These simple, but powerful 6 days will give you techniques to turn the tables around and really love yourself totally again.

Introduction: Why it is so important to love yourself and mentor that to your children.
Day1: Become your own best friend
Day2: Rebalancing your relationships
Day3: A practical look at who you are
Bonus: Meditation to help you to receive as well as give
Bonus: Top tips on creating a flexible, large and affordable support network.

If at the end of this course you decide that you would like to go more deeply into the Law of Attraction, the the ‘Happier Mums use the Law of Attraction‘ 6 week course is available to you.  I also run several other free online courses which I run throughout the year and a best selling book ‘Six steps to a sparkling you and enjoying your life more‘.  To work more in-depth with me there are 1to1’s and my 6 month kickstart focus group.



Learn to Love Yourself

6 Day Online Course

With “Mummy Whisperer”