Be Your Own Best Friend Course

So many of us Mums really struggle after having kids, due to the change in our social status that makes us under value our contribution, and the gradual seeping away of our importance vs those of our kids.

This affects our ability to be healthy, wealthy, successful and have great relationships – because if we don’t treat ourselves well, why would anyone else?

These simple, but powerful 7 days will give you techniques to turn the tables around and really love yourself totally again.

Introduction: Why it is so important to love yourself 
Wk1: Become your own best friend
Wk2: Rebalancing your relationships
Wk3: Teach people how to treat you
Wk4: Letting go of the should’s
Wk5: Appreciating your skills
Wk6: Upgrade your life
Wk7: Creating a support network.
Bonus: Meditation to help you to receive as well as give

This course has now been combined into one powerful package with ‘Happier Mums use the Law of Attraction’.  See ‘Master your life’ for more information.

Learn to Love Yourself More

7 Week Online Course
Life time access

With “Mummy Whisperer”

All of my courses cover the subject from 3 directions:


Information – so that you have the knowledge you need. In both written and video format, so that it is very accessible.


Integration exercises – so that you really ‘get’ the information and can apply it to daily life


Healing meditations – to can heal whatever comes up for you

Total value


Normal Price


Jan 2019: New crazy ‘no brainer’ combo:

** £444 **

Combo offer with
‘Happier mums use the Law of Attraction’ online course

I’ve decided that what is most important to me is helping a tonne of mums and creating a groundswell of mums passionate about how the Law of Attraction can help us. So I’ve reduced the price to £444! 
Fo more information See ‘Master your life’


Thank you so much to these busy ladies for sharing:

Irene Nash
Irene Nash – 40 – Mum – Nurse – IET practitioner:

I’ve been so tired and it’s been such a busy summer with working and having little ones, that this course has landed so well. The whole course has been great, but what I needed most ironically was the bonus ‘Love yourself more’ course.

The tagline of ‘be your own best friend’ has been just fabulous to make sure that I slept, ate and went to bed early – things that might be obvious, but coming from a strong culture and role as a carer, I really struggle to care for myself. The voice in my head reminding me to ‘be my best friend’ enabled me to navigate work, family weddings abroad, family (LOL!) and not be drained and run ragged. Because I’m feeling better it has also meant that the rest of the information in the course has landed more easily and been easier to follow.

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