The Money Booster

21 Day Email Course

Do you need:

  • more money?
  • to break money blocks?
  • to reduce your debt?
  • and to stop feeling panic?


You need you a PRACTICAL and ENERGETIC boost!

This free program will help you to get your Money Momentum Flowing and your Money Stress Shrinking!

I understand what it is like to be worried for money, so this is everything I could do to help, without making it too overwhelming.

I guarantee that you can quickly FEEL very differently about your financial situation.

From there it is just about consistent steps in the right direction.

If you have a Small business, these tips will work for you as well, as you can apply them to your business really easily.



EVEN IF AT THIS TIME YOU FEEL POWERLESS DUE TO JOB/BUSINESS LOSSES – this workbook will help reduce the stress, keep your eyes open for potential opportunities and enable you to come back stronger in the end.

Money Booster

Get your money momentum flowing and money stress shrinking!

With Lisa Pearson
“The Mummy Whisperer”

Updated With Corona Tips

Now updated with tips for handling this challenging time for us all.

What is Included?



Tracker – to help you track what actions you take and how much extra money you earn/find/make.

Bring in more money –  10 tips to quickly bring in more money, to help give you the space to improve your finances 

Bonus – Magic ‘Pots’ Budgeting tip – this tip will transform both your family budget and reduce the tension at home.

21 Days Of Tips – To help you keep focus during the 21 days.  Plus a supportive community, where you can ask questions.

10 Tips For Surviving & Adjusting to the Corona-challenge – Just added to the workbook to help at this extremely challenging time.  Includes my story, to help you BELIEVE that you can survive.



Three Meditations – to help you feel calmer and start feeling the abundance building in your life, so that you can join the ‘abundance circle’ as it flows naturally, growing more and more as you embrace receiving it.

Three Podcasts – to answer the biggest questions that came up from Mums on previous live runs of this email course. 


What do people say about the program?


My event sold out, so chuffed 😁


I had a new client arrive as soon as I started using the meditation! 


I have definitely found some structure this week and flow. Opportunities seem to be popping up all over the place.


I gained a lot from the ideas to nurture your existing clients and Focus on money generating tasks – to apply these tips is my next step .  Thanks I found it easy (that’s good).  Thank you 🙏🏼


I took on board what you said to me yesterday, about ‘walking my talk’ and did some yoga last night!! Set my intention to “new beginnings” today and for the first time in… ages, set aside some quality me-time, with no work & no distractions! Thank you for helping me to re-focus! 💕


It is slowly working! I won £15 on the set for life lottery! Also iv opened up a savings account and putting a bit of my wages in there each month. Simple but effective. Your advice is anazing Lisa


(Re Meditations)
Your voice is so calming Lisa
Thank you Lisa, that was lovely!💕


Great podcast! I really enjoyed listening to it. I have now subscribed to your podcasts. Looking forward to listening to some more x


Lovely, delicious and delightful win! Our fridge did not come back on after our previous bout of loadshedding! When I called the repair guys they were dubious and sounded like a new fridge would be cheaper than repair. They’ve just been, some little black thing blew. Dirt cheap and easy peasy repair! Fridge humming away happily in the kitchen. Happy, happy, happy dance 😇🤗


Yes! Eons ago I read The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. She suggested to Love and Bless EVERYTHING in your home. Since starting the Money Booster I’ve been doing that again. Love how prosperous I feel while doing it!

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