Happy, Healthy Mum Club

Are you feeling constantly anxious?  

Often overwhelmed?  

Struggling to consistently manage your emotional health?

So that you often have to ‘step back’ from the world for some time, in order to recharge your batteries?  And worry that you aren’t always at your best for your kids?

Do you feel lacking in energy and enthusiasm and just can’t get everything done?

The Mummy Whisperer’s Happy & Healthy Mum Club

Designed for mums, who need support, in order to maintain their physical, emotional & mental health

Is this you? 

  • You sometimes have to take ‘time out’ from the world? 
  • Don’t manage to do the things that would make you feel better?
  • Struggle to prioritise your health?
  • Feel guilty? 
  • Have constant anxiety, even if there is no obvious reasons
  • Feel exhausted & lacking in joy

    You just want to be able to do your ‘Mum job’, look after yourself better and enjoy being with the kids more?


Then you are in the right place!!!

Join the Mummy Whisperer’s 

Happy, Healthy Mum Club


And Regain The Joy And Enthusiasm For Life,


Whilst Getting Support On The Darker Days!


This is a Safe Haven, Just For Mums!


Take better care of yourself


Recharge your inner batteries


Find new healthier habits, that fit easily into your life


Find the balance, that enables you to ‘do it all’ consistently


Feel accepted just as you are & learn to love yourself from top to toe


Enjoy being a mum more!

My Mission
To help Mums Enjoy Being A Mum More

I’m extremely passionate about helping mums feel happier & healthier from top to toe, because when the Mum is happy, because we are the heart of the family – and when the heart is strong, so is the family.

Hi!  I’m Lisa Pearson ….

A Mum, with 2 kids, 2 dogs & 2 cats  

With Fibromyalgia & Lyme Disease

20yrs as a Healer & coach

Business Owner & Techie geek  

 With strong ‘Mumtuition’ – our super power of gut instinct.  


I am a 51 year old mum, with a teenage boy & tweenage girl, 2 daft dogs, 2 huge cats, married for 31yrs, living in Hertfordshire, but originally from sunny Bristol (as at 2020).  I started in the corporate world, and then became a healer & coach and studied human behaviour, esoterics & metaphysics to a deep level.  But in the end I found power & wisdom in simplicity!


I was actually told I would never be able to have kids at 19 – so falling pregnant at 36 and then 40 was a huge miracle for me – and this is when I moved from working mainly with mental health issues & past trauma/abuse to focussing on Mums and/or business coaching – as I am hugely passionate about helping the heart of the family to feel strong and happy.


People consider me ‘strong and determined’, due to the huge number of challenges that I have made it through.  My smile hides a lot!  2019 was particularly bad for me, and I had to rebuild myself from scratch at 50.  Being ‘sensitive’ and ’empathic’, made me vulnerable at times in the past – but I can now smell out a toxic, scam artist, narcissist from a mile off – and can help you to recognise the red flags easily!  But I have come through without being cynical or angry – just a lot wiser and tougher.  


 So here I am – ready to help save you from making all the mistakes I made, or help you through your journey more easily & quickly.  I’ll never judge your route – I have a huge respect for us all taking different paths, I’m just there to support and empower you.


I’m not a parenting technique coach – I beleive that different mums, families and children need different approachs.  What I do is help YOU to tap into your own Mumtuition and feel happier, healthier, stronger and more confident.  From there, YOU will know what to do!

What Club Members Say …


Sharon: My main reason was to help me focus on losing weight.
The information … is fantastic & really helps you focus on what you want to achieve.
I have lost 1 stone over my time <6 months>.
The level of support Lisa gives … is brilliant & the interaction between member is also great, you will get tips on how to help you along your journey.
I highly recommend Lisa & <her> programs. 


Shelley: Before … I was feeling all over the place with my weight & health, I would feel guilty when when ever I made an unhealthy choice.
Since joining I have felt more focused on myself. I have joined the gym and make time for exercise, I have also noticed that I make more healthy choices & when I don’t, I don’t feel guilty, I enjoy my choice & make a healthy choices next time. 
I am also sleeping better & waking up calmer. 
I have lost weight, but most of all, It has been the change in my thoughts towards myself that I have noticed most. 
I am wearing my Fitbit everyday & getting up to 16,000 steps a day. 

Roma: Lisa is just incredible. Warm, supportive, practical & really knows her stuff. She gently interacts like a calm voice of reason amongst the chaos of life, with honesty & achievable tips to cut through the bs that can feel like life at times! I cannot tell you what a difference it makes to me, knowing that she is there with her reassuring advice with a great sense of fun & humour when it really matters.

(Re Journalling Tips) Thank you for this!! It’s amazing, I don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner! Definitely something I shall keep doing x


(Re Meditations)
Your voice is so calming Lisa
Thank you Lisa, that was lovely!💕


No minimum membership time.
Only £49 pm

Are you ready to join the club? 

    Your One Place For Total Health, From Top To Toe 


    • Health & Fitness Tips
    • Journalling
    • Meditation
    • Stress & Anxiety Reduction
    • Consistent support
    • Accountability & Focus 

    What is Included?


    All my books available to buy from my website

    – The Body Reboot  
    – Sleep Tips & Toolkit
    – And more ….


    Monthly Goal Setting

    – Pick ONE goal for yourself for the month


    Focus & Accountability

    – Weekly actions & follow up

    – Wednesday weigh in, for those wishing to lose weight & remain accountable.


    Weekly Healing 

    – Weekly group distance healing 


    Monthly ‘Plan with me’ Sessions

    – Join in with everyone to make a quick & clear plan for the month


    Monthly ‘Journal with me’ Sessions

    – Join in with everyone to Journal away our worries & create a more positive outlook


    Monthly ‘Meditate with me’ Sessions

    – Join in with everyone for a quick, relaxing meditation


    Monthly Webinar / Group Challenge

    – Monthly training or group challenge

    How Much Time Does It Take To Get Results?

    Progress At Your Own Speed  

    Take part in every activity in the group and put aside several extra hours a week, to focus on your health & wellbeing.


    Make the most of what is a big priority to you and remember that little steps are absolutely fine.


    Likely Membership Time

    If I would suggest a minimum of 3 months to start to make better habits for yourself.
    But some people may find the consistent support is exactly what they need, and there is no point in leaving.


    How much time does it take per week?

    Some weeks you will only be able to pop in for 5 minutes, and that is absolutely fine.
    Other weeks, you’ll be able to make the most of everything.
    But all training & content is written around a mum’s need for short time scales, so it’s easy to watch in the gaps in your life that you have.  
    You will want to add some extra time for the healthy activities that you are inspired to do, by being in the club – wether that is more exercise, meditation, arts & crafts or seeing friends.



    The whole point to the club is to see you as a ‘whole’ person, so there are no ‘quick fixes’, just gradual long lasting changes to all areas of your health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
    When it comes to our bodies, we are all beautiful and there is a big difference between health, fitness and size – don’t expect a bikini body from this membership, without first making sure you feel gorgeous inside & out.

    What is NOT Included?

    Anything that takes too much time, energy or costs too much

    • This program is specifically for tired, anxious mums
    • You won’t be expected to put extra pressure on yourself
    • There will be no mum shaming
    • Sometimes we will celebrate your successes with you
    • Sometimes we will be empathising with your challenges

    A cost that puts pressure on your family

    – This is the perfect option to provide you with consistent support, without the cost of a full time coach / counsellor



    – The reason I can afford to give you all this support, is that everyone learn’s from everyone else’s questions in the group.


    Daily activities you don’t have time for

    – This program is a pick and mix, where you can use the bits you need, when you need them and learn at your own pace.
    – So on a busy week, you don’t need to worry about having to put aside several hours for this program to be a success.


    An Extra Online Platform

    – Everything in is one place in a facebook group, so once you have had a look around, you won’t need any extra logins.



    – I won’t be giving you sympathy, but I will listen and be empathetic 
    – My aim is to empower you and enable you to be proactive and ‘go out into the world’ with more confidence and power
    – So I will be there for you, as someone you can turn to in times of need, but not someone who makes you ‘needy’.

    Any Remaining Questions?

    Any Remaining Questions / worries?

    Would you like to jump on a 15 minute call to check this is the right time and place for you?

    Just pop me a message, and let’s have a chat!

    11 + 13 =

    Or Jump Straight In Here!  

    Only £49 pm
    Founders Price 

    100% Guarantee

    I'm well aware that you may have invested before & been disappointed with what you received, so you might be nervous to buy something.

    Of course, I'm not taking away the your responsibility to be proactive and follow the material in my programs.  But I don't believe that you, should be the one who has to take the risk in purchasing my books, programs or 1to1's.  My intention is that you receive what you were hoping to receive and more! 

    I try to set everyone's expectations really clearly about how I work and what is in each service - but I understand that we are sometimes in a rush, so you will even get a refund on a simple mistake.

    There is a time limit of 30 days on the guarantee, so that when you contact me it is at the forefront of your memory.  I would ask that you commit to doing what is suggested and take responsibility for your potential own lack of action, or that some situations can take a little while to transform, if they have been challenging for a long time. 

    Contact me