Stress Turnaround Program


Are your high achievers stressed?


Beginning to show the signs of burnout?


Or requiring a lot of management time?


And not managing to fit in their stress management and self-care with their work priorities?

This course is a Win-Win for both your company and your staff! 

It can be a very tricky scenario when key members of staff or teams are behaving in a very stressed way.  

Maybe they are upsetting other members of the company, or complaining a lot, or just very difficult to deal with?  But their skills mean that they are a key to the success of the company and losing them could be detrimental to your results and stability.

Or perhaps they are not managing to prioritise self-care and stress management and are heading for burnout or chronic illness, which could mean they either end up long term sick or even worse; not being able to work at all.

Recruiting new staff is never as easy as it sounds, and can be a very costly business.  

Instead, you can help them manage their stress, be able to act instead of react, feel happier in themselves and be healthier – thereby not just helping them, but also your company.

I was that high achiever, perfectionist – great with my team, excellent customer results, but very high maintenance to manage!  Whilst, I got my ability to manage my emotions under control when I changed career, I actually hadn’t fixed the underlying problem, but owning my own bricks and mortar business meant that I HAD to learn how to do this.  Plus as a mum with Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease it had to be quick and easy to do! 

This is what I now use on a daily basis for juggling everything in my own life and I absolutely know it was key in the incredible improvement in my health and reduction in my stress levels.

It also fine-tuned my intuition and helps me to get MORE done, more QUICKLY!

Life doesn’t change.  But how you see it and how you feel changes totally.


The course is run in-house, during over 6 hours.  
It is recommended that you consider the follow on course afterwards – either regularly on a weekly/monthly basis, or for 6 weeks to ensure time for the change in mindset, habits and stress levels to set in.

The priority is teaching simple, powerful meditation and journalling techniques to handle stress and methods of prioritising a more positive way of being.  We will also cover a way to change your perception of your challenges, improving self care and teach a technique for managing upsetting emotions.

The attendees are provided with a workbook covering all the subjects we cover, a gorgeous leather bound journal and 6 meditation audios to keep using after the course.  

Part 1

Introduction to easy Meditation +
meditations for you to use

1) Clear brain fog
2) Energy boost
3) Being grateful when stressed
4) Feel calmer
5) Mindful walking
6) Mindful tea making
7) Take action
11) Press Reboot



Part 2

Introduction to Journalling, with Tips and templates to get you started

1) ‘Rules’ of journalling
2) Why does it work
3) Materials/Resources
4) How I’ve used journalling
5) Tips on how to structure your journal
6) The beginning of the journal
7) Goals and targets
8) Trackers and planners
9) Diary templates
10) Monthly templates
11) To do lists & Plans
12) Taking action
13) The power of doodling
14) Doodling tips

Part 3

Introduction to the Law of Attraction +
tips to apply it to your life

1) How I’ve use the Law Of Attraction
2) Thoughts & positive affirmations
3) Emotions & gratitude
4) Action & intuition
5) Wheel of life

Part 4

The importance of self care to your work, relationships & health

1) Why self-care is so important
2) The danger of a lack of self-care
3) Physical health
4) Being Kind to yourself
5) Upgrade your life
6) Take action

Part 5

Introduction to a simple system for Handling your Emotions

1) The importance of feeling your emotions
2) How repressing your emotions is counter-productive
3) Using Journalling to dig deeper

Part 6

Part2 of a simple system for Handling your Emotions

1) Releasing the emotions
2) Healing them with meditation
3) Taking quick inspired action
4) Journalling your new reality

Course Cost: £775 per attendee
From 5-20 per course

Price includes journal and meditation audios.

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