Time For Change

This FREE, powerful, simple 8 day course will help you to start to make a change in your life and introduce you to the basics of the Law of Attraction.

Each day has tips for 3 areas:

1) Decluttering Tip: To bring in the new, we have to let go of the old.
2) Coaching Tip: Helping you to choose a new goal and get started
3) Health Tip: Our body is the engine, that helps us achieve our goals.

Here is the general structure of the course:

Day1: Review of where you are
Day2: Letting go of ‘mistakes’ or ‘losses’
Day3: The wheel of life
Day4: Picking your new goals
Day5: Changing your thoughts
Day6: Count your blessings
Day7: Taking action
Day8: Introduction to the Law of Attraction

The change maybe quick, it maybe slow.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes to make a change, as long as you are on the way to your new life!

Let’s get you started!

8 Day Free Online Course

Available all year round

With Lisa Pearson
the “Mummy Whisperer”

Time For Change

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