Working With Me

A Level For Everyone

I aim to help millions of mums, offering a beacon of hope in times of trouble & a hand, to lift themselves up to create their dream lives & be happy, healthy & wealthy!

I believe we all deserve it! 

And that we can ALL achieve it – but we we also may all have very different dreams, so we shouldn’t judge the size of ours versus theirs.

So for that reason, I offer a range of services at prices, that means, there is something for everyone.  You can always move up or down a level, depending on how urgent/ important the situation is or where your financial limitations are.  But there will always be something I can do for you, even if it is free.

  • Free – don’t underestimate the power of these resources
  • Online courses – self- study
  • Group memberships – to get you started – include courses, focus/accountability and support.
  • Deeper group memberships – to push you further
  • 1to1 or VIP programs – for more important or urgent situations where you need 1to1 coaching/healing.

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