The Mummy Whisperer

Helping Mums Be More Successful In Their Business,
and Happier & Healthier At Home!


Because your family deserves you to be at your best!

Simple . Powerful . Quick techniques .

Fine tuned for the life of a Mum.

Get The Results & Life You Deserve 

Without your business taking over your life!

Hi Biz Owner mum – are you running an online, holistic based business?

Are you brilliant at what you do, but not so brilliant at business?  

Is running your business a nightmare, with loads of stress, not enough clients, and an overwhelming amount to learn? 

That’s what I’m here for – I will help you get that business side sorted, so that you can focus on doing what you love – actually DOING the business and earning money to support your family.

Results Are What Counts!    

I’m passionate about making a noticeable, measurable difference in your life!

All my books / programs follow the 3 pillars to results.

  • Practical Information – you need to know stuff!
  • Focus & Action – you need to take action
  • Mum-tuition – to save time, you need to fine tune your inbuilt intuition to take the short cut to success. 

People like me, and they like working with me – they enjoy it!

But that’s not enough, I’m looking for you to get a measurable return on investment …

  • More Clients
  • Make More Money
  • Feel Confident & Empowered 
  • Have More Time To Look After Your Health & Fitness
  • And Enjoy Your Family 

How To Get Your Results

An Option For Every Level

Online Programs
& 1to1’s

Momentum Map – £37
4 powerful steps to attract more clients, write effective sales posts & create consistent social media.

How To Earn 2-5kpm – £99
A summary of the Business Models, Marketing Strategies & Social Media Shizzle needed to earn 2-5kpm.

The Business Builder System – £197
A Business in a box – everything you need to earn £1k+pm.

Intensives Workshops  
& Masterclasses

5 Day Business Intensive- £599
How To Earn £2-£5k Pm 

Practical workshop covering the business models, marketing strategy & social media shizzle you need.

Money Booster 21 Day Program- £199

21 Day focus on saving & earning more money & clearing blocks.

The Leap MasterClass- £99
Shift mentally & energetically to the next level in your business.  Plus learn the TRUE Law of Attraction

Monthly Membership –
The Business Club

The total solution for Mums who would love to earn £2-£5k+pm from their business.  

Includes the Online programs, 1to1’s and workshops.

With three Levels to fit your requirements as your business grows! 

Silver Membership Only £99pm

Perfect for those wanting to concentrate on 1to1’s, packages, social media & creating a free community.

Gold Membership £249pm

For those wanting to expand to add memberships, masterclasses, VIP’s & launches.   

Diamond Membership £499pm

For those looking to have some extra support for a period of time.

Hi, I’m Lisa the ‘Mummy Whisperer’  

Who am I?

  • Mum
  • Healer & coach
  • Business owner
  • Author & Podcaster
  • Part Techie geek
  • Part Tree Hugging Hippie

I’ve been a coach and healer for over 21yrs and had plenty of my own trials in my 51yrs. 

I’m passionate about the Mums feeling happy and healthy, because we are the heart of the family and when we are strong, so is our family.  But we often struggle to prioritise ourselves and need a little help sometimes.   

Coming from a family with a family business, I did a Business Studies degree, then worked in the Corporate world for 13yrs.  I’ve been self employed for 21yrs and even ran a bricks & mortar business for 7yrs – so I’ve got a huge range of business experience to share – and I love sharing it!

There is something for everyone here – free communities and downloads, books, podcasts, online programs, masterclasses, intensive programs, memberships and 1to1’s.  

 Whatever you need, I’m here, to help you feel calmer & stronger  and relight the fire in your belly! 

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