How To Be ‘Heart Happy’

Even when life goes up and down unpredictably

Hi Lovely

I’m Lisa Pearson, mum, best selling author, healer, life & intuitive business coach.

Here to help creative, sensitive mums who are feeling stressed & overwhelmed to feel:

Heart Happy  

Which will make you Happier, Healthier & Wealthier whatever your successes & challenges. 

I teach you how to use Intuitive Journalling, healing meditations & the ‘No blame’ Law of Attraction, to take back your power.

Never under-estimate the power of a gentle whisper to change your life and bring out your hidden potential!

A Little Support Can Go A Long Way

You Can’t Do Everything! 
But Help Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive Or Time Consuming!

As a mum, we love to be capable, but that can lead to overwhelm, exhaustion and collapse.

And that does NOT help our family.

Are you feeling constantly anxious? 

Or struggling with a huge life change / challenge? 

Or finding that your business has turned from a dream, into a stressful nightmare, that just isn’t bringing in enough clients or money?

Don’t do it alone – what you need is a little help, someone you can trust, to give you an objective perspective, so that you can see life differently, change how you handle it, take care of yourself more and turn it around.


Slow And Gentle Wins The Race

My methods will gently steer you to a stronger, more confident, resilient and successful version of you.
A version of you that is true to your heart and will last forever.

The 3 Ingredients To Achievable Results

I’m not here to give you unrealistic, impossible to attain, short term ideals.

I’m here to help you make REAL, LASTING change, inside and out.

That takes 3 important ingredients.

  • Mum-tuition – I’ll help you to fine tune your inbuilt intuition to take the short cut to success & happiness.
  • Practical Information – I’ll teach you the stuff you need to know, in easy to digest bites!


  • Focus & Action – Then help you to focus and take action, with daily nudges to better habits.

People trust me, and they enjoy working with me.

But most importantly of all, their LIVES CHANGE and they come away different!

How To Be ‘Heart Happy’

Become resilient to the ups and downs of life and protect yourself from toxic relationships …

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Intuitive Journaling

Intuitive Journalling is my secret weapon and I am sharing this guide for FREE, to help you become a journalling lover too! 

Avoid the pitfalls that can make it feel stressful and overwhelming. 

Learn the secrets to making it and easy habit and getting the most powerful changes from it. 

Plus 6 useful Journal Prompts you can reuse over and over!

Health Series


These books are easy & quick to read, but packed with power – the perfect place to start making a change in your life. 

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Gentle Living


Everyone needs to ‘connect’ with other like minded souls – but that isn’t always easy and social media can be full of unhealthy comparisons and people watching us.   Plus it’s tough admitting we need support sometimes!

Come and join the ‘gentle living’ community – there is something there for everyone – Journaling tips, crafting, spirituality and ‘no hustle’ biz tips.

Creating A School Hours Business

The Business Programs Perfect For Mums, looking to build a flexible business, that they enjoy, but that also fits into their lives, and pays the bills!

6 Journal Prompts For Business Mums

To Help You Create More Success In Your Business! 

Running a business can be an exhausting & stressful emotional roller coaster.

These 6 Journal Prompts will help you to make sure that you aren’t getting in the way of your own success. 

Plus reduce stress, help you work smarter and stay more focussed.

Even better is the fact that you can reuse them over & over. Plus you will get the Intro to Intuitive Journalling that I send out to everyone who joins my email list.

The Business Strategy Planner & Journal For Mums

Go Through Your Biz From Top To Toe & Stay Focused

Make sure you have a clear business strategy, razor sharp marketing plan, and consistent (but easy) social media plan.

This Business Planner & Journal are at the core of everything that I do & coach, and come with a useful guide to explain what to do put where.

Then use the planner to stay focussed each month & week – getting the best out of your plans, and keeping the stress & overwhelm at bay! 

Also available to buy separately.

Business Startup & Boost Online Program Combo

3 Powerful Online Courses To Boost Your Biz

  • Create A Successful School Hrs Biz: 
    Make sure your strategy & plan has no gaps / mistakes.
    How to stay focussed & only spend 2-5hrs per day on your business
  • How To Get Clients The Easy Way:
    How Organic Mktg (no advertising costs) & social media work & attract clients for you.
  • Tiktok (& short videos) For Busy Mums 
    How to create videos fast & not be boring as hell.

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