Create the Life Of Your Dreams

Because your family deserves for you to be at your best! 

Hi Lovely

I’m Lisa Pearson, best selling author, healer & coach and business owner. 

Here to help creative, sensitive mums who are feeling stressed & overwhelmed, turn life around and feel …

Happier, Healthier & Wealthier  

Using simple, powerful, quick techniques, that will support and lift you up and help you to gracefully navigate the Ups & Downs of life.

Never under-estimate the power of a gentle whisper to change your life and bring out your hidden potential!

A Little Support Can Go A Long Way

You Can’t Do Everything! 
But Help Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive Or Time Consuming!

As a mum, we love to be capable, but that can lead to overwhelm, exhaustion and collapse.

And that does NOT help our family.

Are you feeling constantly anxious? 

Or struggling with a huge life change / challenge? 

Or finding that your business has turned from a dream, into a stressful nightmare, that just isn’t bringing in enough clients or money?

Don’t do it alone – what you need is a little help, someone you can trust, to give you an objective perspective, so that you can see life differently, change how you handle it, take care of yourself more and turn it around.


Slow And Gentle Wins The Race

My methods will gently steer you to a stronger, more confident, resilient and successful version of you.
A version of you that is true to your heart and will last forever.

The 3 Ingredients To Achievable Results

I’m not here to give you unrealistic, impossible to attain, short term ideals.

I’m here to help you make REAL, LASTING change, inside and out.

That takes 3 important ingredients.

  • Mum-tuition – I’ll help you to fine tune your inbuilt intuition to take the short cut to success & happiness.
  • Practical Information – I’ll teach you the stuff you need to know, in easy to digest bites!


  • Focus & Action – Then help you to focus and take action, with daily nudges to better habits.

People trust me, and they enjoy working with me.

But most importantly of all, their LIVES CHANGE and they come away different!

How To Be Happier & Healthier

It’s OK To Get Some Support And Take The Easier Road …


My books are easy & quick to read, but packed with power – the perfect place to start making a change in your life.

CBD oil

CBD has been massively helpful for myself, and my family – it’s a food supplement, that can do more for you that most vitamins and minerals.

Sparkle Club

The sparkle club will help you take small steps on a daily basis  to feel calmer, stronger & more resilient, whatever life throws at you.

How To Be Wealthier

The Business Mastery Club To Help You Earn 2-5kpm & Still Have Fun!

Bronze Level

Attract More 1to1 Clients and build strong foundations.

For the business mum who needs affordable help to build their business, learn all the business tactics and strategies, attract more clients and start  to make a profit.

  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Monthly Live Q&A
  • Business Builder System
  • Supportive community
  • Weekly Action Plan & Focus
  • Up to date biz & social media tips
  • Useful time saving templates

Silver Level

Create 1to1 Packages & grow your community:

Perfect for the business mum who is ready to offer packages of 1to1’s, add courses, or group programs, increase their prices and grow their organic marketing & social media.

  • Everything in Bronze, plus …
  • Monthly Business Planning Clinic
  • Weekly Q&A Business Clinic
  • The Business Leadership System
  • Voxer group for more support
  • Monthly option to promote in the Mumma Cafe community

Gold Booster

Expand your business with a launch or change in direction:

This is a 3 month booster program to intensively focus on an expansion plan – maybe to launch memberships, group programs, online programs & high ticket offers etc

  • The Group Expansion Program
  • Runs 2-3 times per year
  • Limited numbers
  • Includes 1to1 Strategy sessions
  • Daily 1to1 Text &/Voice Support
  • Weekly zoom calls
  • Highlighted as an expert in the Mumma Cafe 


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