Create the Life Of Your Dreams

Because your family deserves for you to be at your best! 

Hi Lovely

I’m Lisa Pearson, best selling author, healer & coach and business owner. 

Here to help anxious mums who are feeling stressed & overwhelmed, turn life around and feel …

Happier, Healthier & Wealthier  

Using simple, powerful, quick techniques, that will support and lift you up. 

Results Are What Counts

I’m not here to give you unrealistic, impossible to attain ideals.

I’m here to help you make REAL change, inside and out, towards a different life that FEELs and IS different using my 3 Ingredients ….

The 3 Ingredients

To actually make a change in our busy lives as mums, there are 3 important ingredients.

  • Mum-tuition – I’ll help you to fine tune your inbuilt intuition to take the short cut to happiness. 
  • Practical Information – I’ll teach you the stuff you need to know!
  • Focus & Action – Then help you to focus and take action.

People like me, and they like working with me – they enjoy it!

But that’s not enough, I’m looking for your life to turnaround.

  • Your Health
  • Your Family 
  • Your Relationships   
  • Your Business

And most of all, for you to enjoy being a Mum!

Sometimes We Need A Little Support

You Can’t Do Everything!

As a mum, we love to be capable, but that can lead to overwhelm, exhaustion and collapse.

Are you feeling constantly anxious? 

Or struggling with a huge life change / challenge? 

Or finding that your business has turned from a dream, into a stressful nightmare, that just isn’t bringing in enough clients or money?

Don’t do it alone – what you need is a little help, someone you can trust, to give you an objective perspective, so that you can see life differently, change how you handle it, take care of yourself more and turn it around.


How To Be Happier & Healthier

It’s OK To Take The Easier Route …


My books are easy & quick to read, but packed with power – the perfect place to start making a change in your life.

CBD oil

CBD has been massively helpful for myself, and my family – it’s a food supplement, that can do more for you that most vitamins and minerals.


My sessions are a mixture of intuitive coaching and healing.  There are 2 options, the 3 month intensive program, or the 6 session turnaround package. 

How To Be Wealthier

And Earn 2-5kpm+ In Your Business

Online Programs
& Courses

From £37 to £197

Perfect for the mum business owner who is just starting out (also included for free in the Business club)


  • Client Attractor Momentum Map
  • How To Earn 2-5kpm
  • The Business Builder Success System

Intensives Workshops  
& Masterclasses

From £99 to £599

Ideal for an intensive boost to your business (also included for free in the Business Club)

  • The Leap Manifestation Masterclass
  • Money Mastery 21 Day Program
  • Build Your 5k Business Intensive


Monthly Membership –
The Business Club

From £99pm to £499pm

The total solution for Mums who would love to earn £2-£5k+pm.  With three Flexible Levels: 

  • Silver – 1to1’s & packages.
  • Gold – Expansion to group programs.   
  • Diamond – 1to1 support.

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