The Mummy Whisperer

Helping Mums Feel Happier, Healthier & Wealthier

Because your family deserves you to be at your best!

Simple . Powerful . Quick techniques .

Combining practical information &

your ‘Mumtuition’ (the special Mum intuition!) .

Health & Wellbeing

Helping anxious, stressed mums, overwhelmed with life, to feel calmer, and make simple changes to become healthier, happier and stronger, inside and out.

Business Coaching

Helping small business owner mums, who are great at their service based business, but struggling to earn enough money, turn their business from a nightmare into a holiday!

Hi, I’m Lisa the ‘Mummy Whisperer’  

Who am I?

  • Mum
  • Healer & coach
  • Business owner
  • Author & Podcaster
  • Part Techie geek
  • Part tree hugging hippie 

I’ve been a coach and healer for over 21yrs and had plenty of my own trials in my 51yrs. 

I’m passionate about the Mums feeling happy and healthy, because we are the heart of the family and when we are strong, so is our family.  But we often struggle to prioritise ourselves and need a little help sometimes. 

I’m also on a mission to empower 5000 mums to earn £5kpm in their own businesses – because imagine the difference that will make to our economy and society!  

There is something for everyone here – free communities and downloads, books, podcasts, online programs, memberships and 1to1’s.  

Maybe you only need a little pick me up?

Perhaps you need a lot more.

Whatever you need, I’m here, to help you feel calmer & stronger  and relight the fire in your belly! 

The Mummy Whisperer Business Club

The ONLY Club designed for SMALL business owner Mums wanting to earn £2-£5k!


Is this you? 

  • You are earning £0-£1k & you would love £2-£5k?
  • You are great at what you do, but not earning enough? 
  • You don’t want to join tonnes of different programs to cover all the business & techie areas you need? 
  • Or spend too much time, energy or money?
  • Or get into debt, for programs with no return on investment?  
  • And it’s stressful?

    Make More Money,
    In Less Time,
    Whilst Still Looking After Yourself AND Your Family!

Turn your business from a stressful nightmare into a dream holiday! 

The Mum Club

A safe refuge in a stressful world.  

Where you can rest, recharge and renew.  

Feel calmer, stronger and relight your inner fire!

Is this you? 

  • Overwhelmed
  • Anxious
  • Shouting at the kids  
  • Feeling like you want to hideaway from the world
  • Lost your fire and sense of self



Be healthier inside & out, top to toe

The Problem Corner Podcast

The weekly place for Mums to turn to for down to earth, practical, kind, light hearted & knowledgable advice about relationships, feeling healthier and money problems.

6 Steps To A Sparkling You!

‘The Mummy Whisperer’s best selling ‘Six steps to a sparkling you and enjoying being a mum, is a power packed book, helping you regain control and bringing back the joy to your life!

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We often think that the shouting, and upset is just a part of 'normal' daily Mum life - and it may well be - but it doesn't have to last a long time.

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