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To help mums enjoy being a mum and create their dream lives, as happy mums create happy families.

The kids then grow happy & strong & can reach their true potential to create a happier world.

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Is it ‘Time for a Change’?


Are you sick of your life as it is, and want to turn it around?


Have you found that there is too much focus on one area of life and it’s almost as if you’ve forgotten other parts: your health, social life, career options, your relationship?


Or are you so busy juggling, that you seem to be always nagging/shouting at the kids and never really enjoying them?


Are you at the end of your tether and don’t want to go on like this anymore?


Have you heard of ‘The Law Of Attraction‘ but don’t really get it?

Then you qualify for my new online/email course! I’m not looking for people who want to stay miserable and stressed. I’m looking for people ready to get out of the quagmire and be happier.

Happier Mums
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The key to a happy, healthy life: Love yourself more

By Mummy Whisperer

A few months ago I ran a free course in my facebook group ‘Create your dream life with the mummywhisperer‘ on how to love yourself more. I’ve turned it into an easy to use and keep 6 day free email course, which you can subscribe to before Friday 20th April!

Why Business is Spiritual and 10 Tips to finding clients on facebook!

By Mummy Whisperer

So I know some wonderful women running their own businesses, but for some reason they are deeply intimidated by the words: Business. Marketing. Sales. Finance. Money.

Facebook – beginners information for your business

By Mummy Whisperer

I’m still seeing it constantly – small business owners, struggling to know the basics of Facebook. So here are the things that you MUST know to get started. From here, just take it steady and slow – you can’t learn it all in 5 minutes, just do it bit by bit.

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