About Me

I’m Lisa Pearson aka ‘The Mummy Whisperer’, not a parenting whisperer, a ‘mummy’ whisperer.

So I’m the go to girl for ideas on how to enjoy being a Mum, because Mums are special and immensely important to our world.

I’m a Mum, who loves to be a Mum. I’m not a perfect Mum. I’m a real Mum, with wrinkles lots of To Do’s, and a constant struggle to juggle time.

Walking my talk…. 

One thing you can be sure of with me and that is that I use my own techniques day in, day out in my own life; I really walk my own talk. I’ve been studying human behaviour, personal development & healing for 27yrs.

I studied the Law of Attraction when I was studying with Dr Demartini, who starred in ‘The Secret’ & was particularly keen on looking at it from a deeper level, rather than the usual more superficial look. But it was especially helpful for me in 2005 after the birth of my son. I didn’t have post-natal depression, but my world felt pretty dark as I was grieving for my mum, we’d moved house and I was struggling with the identity crisis of being a new mum. This simple film was the perfect empowering pick me up that I needed, which gave me a new appreciation for the power of it’s simplicity.

But it wasn’t until after my Lyme diagnosis in 2016 that I looked at it again in more detail.  Then I realised that there are some big flaws with the more ‘popular’ version of the Law of Attraction, even the more feminine intuitive approach.  

After much study I found the ‘truth’.  So here I am, wanting to share it with Mums, to help us all create the families and lives that we dream of. Because when we are happy, we can change the world!

I’ve got 2 children, a teenage boy and a tween girl, one big and one tiny dog and two huge fluffy Norwegian forest cats. I was married for 32yrs, and we currently live in St Albans. That also makes me pretty old at 52 (2021)!

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012 (chronic pain, fatigue and a pile of other symptoms) and then Lyme Disease in 2016 (a potentially life threatening and more serious illness), so ironically I needed my own tips even more than before.  I have managed to improve my health to the extent where there is no outward sign of any problem, but I am still limited and have to follow a limited schedule.  I am expecting however to be totally symptom and limitation free by 2022! 

I’m an awarding winning blogger (ooh get me!), a best selling Amazon author (whoop whoop), award winning parenting coach (yay!).  I also started & ran my own ‘bricks and mortar’ business (a hair & beauty salon) for a 6yrs – so I can totally understand the stresses that small business owners face. 

I don’t believe there is any ‘one’ way to raise a child.

I think we should all agree to disagree as Mums, and be strong enough to accept our differences.

I’m not a big fan of parenting techniques.

I’m also just ‘me’; someone who loves sparkly stuff, chocolate, walking the dog, trashy TV, dance classes, and my kindle. I’m a pretty rubbish cook, and tend to be pretty grounded whilst being half tree-hugger and half geek.

What is my Background/Qualifications?

I worked in IT at Oracle for 13 years following a Business Studies degree. I was a geek, but also interested in personal development techniques as a Team Leader.

In 2000 I retrained as a Reiki Master and Holographic Repatterning Practitioner (now Resonance Repatterning) and went part time.  When looking for something that combined the geek and the tree hugger in me, I discovered Dr John Demartini in 2003, and certified as the UK’s first Demartini Method Facilitator (then certified senior).

I now combine the healing work, with the deeper studies I did with Demartini, into a combination of healing, coaching and shamanic techniques.  I’m also a qualified meditation teacher and have a journalling diploma.

I have worked and taught people from all walks of life, and with all types of problems, pains and traumas. From betrayal, depression, financial difficulties and health problems to past abuse.

But what has helped me the most is my experiences!

My parents were unwell, elderly and alcoholic, so I was what is termed nowadays a ‘young carer’. Plus my mum was a raving narccisist.  My Dad died when I was 20, and my Mum died when I was 36 and pregnant with my son. 

I met my husband when I was 20, so we spent 32yrs together – this started very codependent and turned out to be extremely toxic.  We separated in 2020 and divorced in 2024.  There’s more to say, which I won’t be putting publicly.

At 36 I suddenly fell pregnant having been told at 19 that I’d never be able to have children – and my kids turned out to be the best teachers I have ever had. Having thought I would never want children, I have LOVED being a Mum. But I soon realised how lucky I was to have had the training and experiences that I had beforehand and hence ‘The Mummy Whisperer’ was born so that I could share what I knew. Then I fell pregnant at 40 again by surprise, and my daughter arrived – a double miracle!

I wrote my book ‘6 Steps to a sparkling you‘ during a 6 month cancer scare when my daughter was 2months old, and published it in 2011 on Amazon, reaching their best sellers list within a week, which was amazing.


In 2012 after a year of struggles, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia – chronic pain and fatigue.  This was the beginning of my journey towards ‘Gentle Living’, little did I know that it’s not something that magically disappears when you get your ‘mindset’ right!

In 2013 I started a Hair & Beauty Salon and Spa – not a wise move with Fibromyalgia, but I did originally have a business partner.  Wow, Business partners – that’s a journey in itself – I don’t recommend having them – the final business partner was a full blown scam artist – yep, just like the Tinder Swindler!

I’ve learnt a lot. Grown up a lot (being a boss isn’t fun at times). Wondered why on earth I did it, but also loved it.

I was in the process of selling the salon in 2019, when it sadly went into liquidation on my 50th birthday.  We lost a horrific amount of money and nearly our home – a long an unpleasant learning experience, that I hope to save many other business owners from.

In 2017 my doctor and I realised that there was more to my Fibromyalgia and I was clinically diagnosed with chronic (long) Lyme Disease.  This developed into MCAS during lockdown, so my health became a much bigger issue.  In 2022 I also developed CPTSD and had to take 18months of work.  You couldn’t have been more proactive about your health or mindset than I was – and that was when I realised that there are massive flaws in the standard view of the Law of Attraction.

Following the liquidation of my business, I broke totally and gradually rebuilt myself.  This was where journaling became my Godsend – it’s free, empowering and was my anchor and support through all the years following.

I became a very new Lisa.  One who managed to not be cynical about life, and maintain a sense of joy.  But who now has clear sight – I can smell a scammer, narcissist, business mistake, weak spot from a mile off and I am obsessed with helping mums avoid the pitfalls that I fell into and embrace gentle living.

I know what to do.  I know what not to do!  I understand business, and the techie side and I’ll save you time by helping you tune into your mumtuition.  All whilst maintaining your family life and personal health & well being.

I firmly believe that we ALL deserve to be heart happy and that a lot of us need to embrace a gentler pace of life.

So if you are looking for someone with a LOT of life experience and a LOT of experience as a healer & coach, then I am perfect for you!


Thank you so much to these busy ladies for sharing:


Debbie (Holistic therapist, mum of 2 grown up kids): Loved it!
I personally feel a lot more focused. And feeling stronger dealing with some family distress that has been going on xx


Tammie: Thank you for keeping me on track. Still lots to do but I feel positive!


Janis (Mum to 2 grown up boys): It was wonderful! I love Lisa. She makes the complex simple and what feels difficult, feel easy. If you feel lost, this is the woman who can help you see the path to your own brilliant happiness.


Claire (Part-time working mum of 3): Having children is one of the most uplifting and at the same time one of the most challenging times in anyones life. In many ways I lost my sense of personal direction and sense of self. Lisa’s clear, calm and thoughtful advice made a significant difference to my ability to enjoy motherhood and face challenges without feeling quite so anxious and stressed. If you’re frazzled and you cant see the wood for the trees then Lisa’s courses or her coaching service is exactly what you need!


Hannah (Full time working mum of 3): Lisa has an incredible way to cut through the noise and help you see a small change that can make a bit impact on your life and by consequence your family. She doesn’t bring tricks or gimmicks but common sense and a knowledge of the challenges of trying to adjust to family life and to juggle the competing needs we all have on us. Her honesty that you cannot have it all and to pick which parts of your life that you need to be brilliant in now and accept you won’t be able to invest in everything made a huge difference to how I viewed myself


Elena (Business owner): Why I love to work with Lisa? Lisa has changed as coach and with her I changed too. We start in 2007 and we still keep on being coach and client….why? Because Lisa is human not a fake spiritual coach that push her ideas on you. She lives the feelings, the emotions, the experiences on her own skin and that makes her real. So with her I feel comfortable and the fact that she gives me tools and not therapies it works on my own time to understand, I feel at ease still I know I am shifting and growing thanks to her support as coach. Lisa has supported me trough life, losing my wife, running my business , and still today….in my evolution as a woman. I am a better soul today thanks to the presence of Lisa in my life. So thank you Lisa Pearson


I'm well aware that you may have invested before & been disappointed with what you received, so you might be nervous to buy something.

Of course, I'm not taking away the your responsibility to be proactive and follow the material in my programs.  But I don't believe that you, should be the one who has to take the risk in purchasing my books, programs or 1to1's.  My intention is that you receive what you were hoping to receive and more! 

So there is a 7 Day money back guarantee on all of my programs and services.

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