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This was where the Mummy Whisperer started!  It has information about health, weight loss, Fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, money, relationships, affairs, bullying – pretty much everything!


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The key to a happy, healthy life: Love yourself more

By Mummy Whisperer

A few months ago I ran a free course in my facebook group ‘Create your dream life with the mummywhisperer‘ on how to love yourself more. I’ve turned it into an easy to use and keep 6 day free email course, which you can subscribe to before Friday 20th April!

Why Business is Spiritual and 10 Tips to finding clients on facebook!

By Mummy Whisperer

So I know some wonderful women running their own businesses, but for some reason they are deeply intimidated by the words: Business. Marketing. Sales. Finance. Money.

Facebook – beginners information for your business

By Mummy Whisperer

I’m still seeing it constantly – small business owners, struggling to know the basics of Facebook. So here are the things that you MUST know to get started. From here, just take it steady and slow – you can’t learn it all in 5 minutes, just do it bit by bit.

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