1to1 Monthly Package

1to1 Turnaround

My 1to1 Turnaround package will help you to make changes in your life and give you the support & focus you need and keep the momentum going.

It will use a mixture of coaching and healing, which we will adapt to what you need at the time.

 We’ll have ..
– 1 x 1to1 per month (approx 1.5hrs)
– Weekly Catchup on phone (Approx 15mins)
– Unlimited text/voice catch up’s in between, so that we can keep in touch and keep the momentum going. 

I am there to support, encourage, focus and empower you. 

I can help with any area of your life: relationships, health, work, business, family etc. 

My Background

After my business studies degree, I worked in IT for 13yrs.  Then I retrained to become a healer, Reiki master and coach in 2000.  After learning several complex therapies, I’ve returned to my roots and offer a mixture of Healing and Coaching.   

I also owned a ‘bricks and mortar’ business for 6yrs, which sadly due to factors beyond my control, went into liquidation (a Hair & Beauty Salon & Spa).  So I can understand the pressures that are involved in running a business both as a self-employed person and as a bricks and mortar business owner.

I’ve also been married for 30yrs, and spent many years focussed on relationship coaching, so I can help with any challenges that you are having with your partner.

I also specialised in helping people with serious mental health challenges before I had children.  I don’t feel that I can be available for someone in the depths of a break down now a days, but I will certainly be able to understand, if you have had that kind of experience in the past.

I suspect I’ve learnt the most from being a Mum of 2 kids and at first learning to live with and then over come my Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease.  It was this situation that developed my approach the most, and it is these techniques to reduce your stress and live a vibrant and happy life, that I will be teaching you.


Just £330 per month.

Next Steps

Does this sound like something that you need at the moment?

I only work with a handful of clients 1to1 at a time, so if you feel that you are interested in working with me, please contact me as soon as you can.  

Send me a message via my facebook page, and we can have a quick chat about your current situation and wether I have availability 1to1.  I will also let you know if there is a group program or workbook that might be able to help you.  

Contact me